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What the f*#k is wrong with you f*#king a*#holes for f*#k's sake because sometimes name-calling is a f*#king must in order to try and get you sh*#-for-brains f*#king idiots to see the f*#king truth which is whatever I say it is you ignorant f*#ks and people should rec my post because after all I have a monopoly on the f*#king truth compared to you dumbf*#ks who think the truth lies anywhere but where I f*#king say it does and that's why I got the recs of IMPORTANT F*#KING people in this place who endorse my name-calling because they know that I am right and you f*#kheads are c*#ks*#king motherf*#king jacka*#es who wouldn't know your a*# from a hole in the ground and couldn't find your own c*#ks with two hands and a map but I digress from main point is that cursing out a bunch of other people here is absolutely f*#king necessary at this point and should be commended by certain mucky-mucks here because this is good for the site calling out those who disagree with my truth you dumbf*#kers!

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