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Mr. Priebus to Religious Right:  "Trust us.  You will like our agenda."
Oh Reince Priebus and the modern GOP.  They really are becoming just a bunch of phonies.  Imagine for a moment you are an investor who decided to finance a company that was promising, which could promise the world good things would happen if it got off the ground, that it could pay the investor back when appropriate.  What if that investor found out that the company really didn't get much revenue or was continuing to loose its customers?  Would that investor in good conscience be willing to invest in the company if it didn't have a good business plan that would guarantee ROI?

Well, that's what it seems to be like for the GOP these days.  Voter registration has declined for the Republican Party for a number of years now while the Democratic Party has continued to get increases in their favor.  Doesn't always mean every Democrat will show up at the polls but the Democratic Party nation wide has the edge.

In addition, the GOP (aka Grand Old Poops) lost hard in November 2012 when they were under the big illusion they were going to win.  They finally realized they had to reach out to minorities:  ALL BECAUSE THEY LOST, not because they actually cared about minorities to begin with.

So now Reince Priebus and the GOP are telling the religious conservatives (where they seem to be getting the most money these days) to trust them and back their plans:

By STEVE PEOPLES — Associated Press

WASHINGTON — Facing lingering tensions in his party, the chairman of the Republican National Committee urged religious conservatives Saturday to support the GOP's plans to expand.

"I would just ask you that we come together and that we pray for the future of this country," Reince Priebus said on the final day of the Faith and Freedom Coalition conference that brought several Republicans leaders together with evangelical activists.

"I'm a Christian. I'm a believer. God lives in my heart. And I'm for changing minds, not changing values," Priebus said.

With a guy as stupid and as slimy as Reince Priebus (hell of a name) who is probably the worst RNC Chairman in the party's history, you'd think the religious conservatives would be dumb enough to fall for Priebus's bait:
Religious conservatives have been skeptical of establishment Republicans in Washington and the RNC's plan for growth, which calls for more tolerant attitudes on immigration and social issues such as abortion and gay marriage. The party is working to rebuild after a painful 2012 election season in which Republicans lost the presidential contest and a handful of winnable Senate contests.
And clearly, they aren't being fooled:
The RNC's call for tolerance was not popular during the three-day meeting of social conservative leaders, which attracted several politicians considering 2016 presidential bids.
Ahhh, tolerance.  The RNC calls for more tolerance towards right-wing conservatives who aren't tolerant to begin with when the RNC in the past number of recent years hasn't been tolerant to begin with.  

In other words, what planet are these GOP people from?

Apparently out of this world.  They still have to deal with Sarah Palin, who, well, continues to act like...  Sarah Palin:

Palin, who is rejoining Fox News Channel as an analyst less than half a year after they decided to part ways, also offered a warning to "the good old boys" in the GOP leadership who are calling for conservative activists to tone down aggressive rhetoric.

"You do not marginalize, you don't discredit and dismiss, every day average hard-working Americans - those who are part of that grass-roots tea party movement," she said.

"Just let them tell us to sit down and shut up," Palin said later, "which I refuse to do."

Ahem.  Just a correction Ms. Palin, it's the grassroots Koch Industries & Koch Brothers movement

But there's bigger problems with would-be RNC Chair Reince Priebus and the Republican Party, as evident even with what Michael Steele pointed out in Priebus taking shots at Steele for his tenure as RNC Chair from 2009-2011.

Apparently Priebus and his minions are tenacious though and want to reach out to voters they don't normally reach out to:

As part of the Republican Party's plan to expand its appeal following GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney's loss in last year's election, Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus will visit Cleveland on Friday to conduct a "listening session" with roughly forty African-American community leaders from Northeast Ohio.

Priebus decided to conduct "listening sessions" around the country after releasing a report this spring that concluded the party's message was weak, its ground game was insufficient, it was not seen as inclusive of minority voters, its data and digital operations were outdated, and its primary and debate process needed improvement.

The report suggested that the party needed to improve its engagement with groups such as women, African-Americans, Hispanics, Asians, and youth.

“As part of the Republican Party’s effort to grow and expand our party, it’s imperative we engage with different communities and groups from across the country and there’s no better place than Ohio to begin this conversation," said a statement from Priebus. "Our Party is growing and the RNC has made great strides in hiring new talented individuals to better engage minority communities but we need to continue moving the ball forward. Ohio is crucial to the GOP’s success and I’m committed to engaging all Ohio voters to ensure Republican victories in 2014, 2016, and beyond.”

One problem Priebus missed:  The GOP's ideas stink.  It doesn't matter how well you engage minority communities.  Your ideas, politics and views just flat out stink.

Priebus and the RNC are not having an easier time reaching out to minorities with people like Trent Franks making statements right out of their ass:

Oh heavens.  I really hope Reince Priebus continues to be RNC Chair.  He's the gift that keeps on giving for the Democratic Party.


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