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Deep down, I knew this day would come. And I knew that it would happen once people realized three things: (1) Corporate interests were paying off (corrupt, money-grabbing, dishonest, and greedy) politicians to do their bidding; (2) The wealthy elite and their puppet politicians were nothing more than a Coporatist Oligarchy; (3) Corporate media conglomeration resulted in turning the mainstream media into a powerful propaganda apparatus.

For several years now I've been hammering away at those three truisms; I know many other people have been doing the same, trying to awaken the citizenry.

I've also known that for the global revolution to get going this understanding didn't need to be reached by the majority of the population, but by a small (but significant) segment (I'd like to think 10 to 15 percent).

On February 26, I wrote a well-received diary titled "Reaching a Higher Ground: Something Big is About to Happen."

High crimes and misdemeanors have been codified into law as routine business operations as a result of the total takeover of the government by these nefarious corporatist cartels.  Predatory accumulation of wealth and power have now been institutionalized.  The dismantling of the proper business regulatory framework has continued apace as the result of politicians on-the-take doing their paymasters' bidding.

So there is the source of the cognitive dissonance.  We know there is something terribly wrong, but our senses are being bombarded with lies, false narratives, and misinformation, all carefully designed to (mentally) subjugate our own interests in favor of tiny group megalomaniacal and sociopathic individuals.

But, alas, what will happen when a large-enough number of people awaken to this reality (the real reality vs. the fake manufactured reality)?  What will happen when decent, hard-working, law-abiding citizens in the U.S. and France, and Italy and Greece and Spain and Germany, see the patterns of collusion clearly?

We're here folks.  This is the real thing.  The global revolution has started.  What's happening in Turkey, and Brazil, as a write this, are not unrelated events.  The revelations about how corparatist cartels are using government institutions to cast a wide net of surveillance over the entire population (NSA spying) with the intent of using it as a tool to control, manipulate and exploit the citizenry, is part of the collusion.

Here's the bottom line: Ultimately, the people "behind the curtain" are nothing more than cowardly two-bit scumbags who would shudder if they found themselves in the presence of an angry man raising his voice after being brutalized by the parasitic Oligarchy.

That's why they have set up such an elaborate dragnet, a total-information-awareness surveillance police state, turning security forces whose mission should be to protect and serve the citizenry, into nothing more than corporate goons--in the U.S., and in Greece, Turkey, Brazil, Italy, the U.K., and many other countries.

Time's up for the Corporate State... The rapacious capitalist system has hit a wall, revealing what many have been warning us about for decades.

Many people believe that they have nothing to fear from government/corporate surveillance because they have nothing to hide. But every bureaucracy is a solution in search of a problem, and if it can’t find a problem to fit its solution, they will redefine the problem.  In the 1960s, the surveillance bureaucracies redefined anti-war and civil rights protests as communist enterprises; today the same bureaucracies redefine anti-war Quakers, environmentalists, and animal rights activists as “terrorists.” So political activists, no matter how benign, have good reasons to fear these bureaucracies.

-- Christopher H. Pyle

Take a few minutes to listen to this young man.  He is explaining the reason Brazilian citizens are taking the the streets in protest.  The situation he reveals applies to the U.S., and Turkey, and many other countries: A debased treasonous political class on the take, being paid off by the rich to do their bidding, in contravention to their oath of office.

These shifty corporatists, like Clapper (Obama administration’s chief intelligence official), warn about the "great damage" Snowden's revelations have caused.  Well, yes, he's partly right: It has caused a great damage to their plans to keep the cesspool of corruption caused by the takeover of our government institutions by corporatist cartels, of which  the Carlyle Group and Booz Allen, are members of.

As the revelations keep piling up (thank God for GG and MT) we the people, the citizens, el pueblo, finally see them for what they are: Shifty, fast-talking, crooks and liars engaging in massive fraud.  

And as this becomes more apparent, you now see these utterly corrupt politicians scurrying around like cockroaches, trying to keep a straight face as to the reasons we need to be prevented from knowing about the tens of billions of dollars being plundered by these corporatists cartels--in the name of security.

Too late moth$%^#$ers!  We're standing right behind you--and the curtain has been removed.

Something big is about to happen, indeed.  The global corporate hegemony is being challenged.  It will eventually be defeated...

What would replace it?  About this? A government of the people by the people for the people.  Not really a hard concept to understand.

Originally posted to Ray Pensador on Sun Jun 16, 2013 at 10:25 PM PDT.

Also republished by Anonymous Dkos.

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