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Jonathan Turley, noted Obama hater, opines that Obama is beginning to sound like Joe Isuzu.

Having been debunked on the numbers one and two terror plots thwarted through the use of the secret and unaccountable surveillance program, the administration keeps upping the ante.  First it was "dozens".  Yesterday, it was 50.  Only one new one was mentioned though, a plot, apparently by Tyler Durden, to blow up the New York Stock Exchange.  Durden was not arrested, nor was anyone else, apparently.  Because either there was no plot, or that person was secretly detained or secretly killed.  And anyways, America, if we told you what happened, the terrorists win and we'd have to kill you.  We've sent drones to punks like you.  Didn't want to do it, felt it was our duty.  And yes, we use them in America!  What's your problem?

It's the only way to keep you free!

This type of argument is the same one Cheney rolled out when the torture program was uncovered.  Not wanting to talk about the illegality and moral depravity of its own actions, the administration instead focused on its efficacy.  It's a tried and true deflection tactic.  

So instead of attempting to explain why they need to collect my call history to my brother about his upcoming skin tag removal, and what that has to do with security, they list random numbers of plots, with no correlation to whether my call records helped them do it, or even proof that they did it.  

Expect these numbers to rise every day until we're all sufficiently scared.  Don't pay any attention to Leon Panetta's past statements that AQ is all but gone, that there's less than 100 of them now, or that actual terrorists suspect that phone and internet is monitored, or that Bin Laden himself used only thumb drives hand delivered to communicate.  Or how this surveillance would disrupt THAT.  

Because the NYSE must be protected by drones, call and internet monitoring, and other unspecified means, of everyone's personal communications.  Otherwise we can't connect the dots!

Oh, and don't forget, Cheney and Obama agree, 9/11!!!1!  And Greenwald reported that a document said it was a direct server connection, when it was an FTP server, directly connected.  

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