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Got in Wednesday afternoon with the mrgoo. Stayed at the St. Claire, that cost an arm and a leg as I was a laggard in making my reservations. The mr. was able to spend Wednesday night with me and then he had to go home to run the biz. WOOHOO! Party!

Something for you to look at while we wait for HBIII to finish the story of Kevin The Socialist Duckstick's adventures! Warning - I'm boring. And not a good photographer!

Update 6/23 10:41 Rec list! Thanks! Finishing up my breakfast and then headed back home. Glad you all enjoyed.

Picked up my registration before heading over to The Brit for the welcoming DKOS dinner.

That's me in front of the entrance. And yea - there are "The Shoes" The hubby was appalled. The reaction seemed to be evenly split between revulsion and wow! where did you get those? Ok, maybe that other 50% was pity! But I had to have them when I spotted them.
At The Brit - enjoying the company and great fish and chips. Met some Kossacks I knew and met Kossacks I didn't know. That would be a recurring theme.  
Listen up everybody! The boss is talking!
The Raging Grannies gave a performance! I had only seen them on youtube. They do not swear so they passed out song sheets for us to sing along. They sang Ode to Zuckerberg to the tune Irene Good Night. It was about Mark Zuckerberg being for the Keystone XL pipeline. The refrain... We say to Zuckerberg - We say Hey Zuck - You support the XL pipeline - We say what the F! Needless to say, the assembled crowd singing along enthusiastically filled in the blanks.
Barney Frank AND Howard Dean!!! I think he may have made the most memorable quote of the conference when he said that it is more popular to be Gay now than be in Congress! I love Barney!
The Food Truck Party! It was awesome. It was 3 blocks from the convention center. It was a sunny and warm day. I think EVERYBODY went to it. The lines were long but well worth the wait.
Food Pr0n!
I used my second ticket for the fruit truck. I was in line for an hour but it was well worth the wait! Watermelon, pineapple and melon. I will finish it off tomorrow morning!

One nitpick - I didn't see too many folks tipping the food truck folks. C'mon man - toss ém a buck! Everybody was tipping those bartenders for those overpriced drinks!

Then there was the Chairman's pub quiz. I always wanted to attend one. The bagpipe entrance was the most dignified part of the event. No, really. It was a major blast! I did not intend to participate as I correctly interpreted that I iz not that smart! But I got sucked in. We Golden Eagles placed 9th! There was scandal as one team got caught using phones (right in front of the judges stand no less and got das bootenzed!) And yes, The Drinks Are Overpriced!!! I mean really - 8 bucks for a 12oz. Coors Light?! Only a 1%'er could get drunk there.
My shots from the last keynote tonight were all crappy except this one. hmmmm... maybe it's a sign.
Then it was off to the ballpark. It was getting cold, so I got my hot dog, beer and potato salad, enjoyed the company and then back on the bus to the convention center.
It was getting chilly and frankly my dogs have been barking.

That convention hall that had been full of people two hours before - it turned into a memory right before my eyes. It was well on it's way to be packed up! Time to prepare for leaving.

Arriving back to my home away from home. That middle window on the 5th floor where the signal light partially covers it - that's my room. Great vantage point for people watching late night. It's pretty active.
Time to "hang it up" so to speak! Who knows - Maybe "the shoes" will be seen in Detroit!!! My hometown in 2014. We'll see.
A Venn diagram at the final keynote hit really a chord with me. The left circle said "Things that excite you". The right circle said "Things that scare you". The union was labelled "Things you should do". That summed up my experience perfectly.

I reconnected with Kossacks I knew. I met Kossacks I have only interacted with on the site. And I met a lot of folks I didn't know at all. If you can get to a NN - It is a thing that you should do.

Markos - where's my check?

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