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This totes isn't a real diary, but enjoy yourself.

I clicked the links so you wouldn't have to.

Take it Away, shadeaud!

That great sucking sound that Ross Perot spoke about is getting louder and louder. Soon I, being heterosexual, will be able to claim it a disability.
If the sucking sound keeps getting louder and louder, you're probably doing it wrong.
Now, how many ‘fake marriages’ will be done just to avoid INCOME TAXES?.....................
Great question, Red Badger!  I'm going to say take the CURRENT number and add about 1.5%
I would argue that there are no legally married same sex couples, since such a union can’t be consummated due to the biology required.
That's an exceptionally compelling argument, babygene. But believe me when I say, even as an unmarried gay man I can consummate with the best of them.
What a surprise with 3 dykes passing judgment on the sane and normal. Will the ruling for the same sex marriage white trash apply to close relatives?
Sorry, Neoliberalnot.  You and your cousin Beau are still gonna have to move to North Carolina.
Maybe we should all leave before sodomy becomes mandatory.
Let's not be so hasty with leaving, zipper (seriously, it's zipper)... send a pic first!
I suppose one benefit of having Rand Paul be the next president is that all of these benefits would be gone for Sodomites
So true viennacon... and think of the money we'll save on infrastructure when we can all ride flying pigs to work.
He [Anthony Kennedy] was only Reagan’s THIRD choice!
Teddy Kennedy kept his first choice off the court!
This has Ted’s fingerprints ALL over it
First, massmike: May Ted Kennedy Rest in Peace. Second: I'm sure he wouldn't mind the credit.
“What comes after “slouching” toward Gomorrah?”

Acts of GOD: earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis, fire, famine, pestilence. GOD will not be mocked.

Since Earth has never experienced any of those various "Acts of GOD" before, stars and stripes forever, I'm counting on you and Pat Robertson to tell me which ones are the "God's having a tantrum" ones.


This ruling sets up a supporting ruling on Prop 8.

Either sates have rights or they don’t. Conservative can’t argue states rights on Obamacare and then argue for Federal Control on marriage because it suits their cause.

Aww... bad news for you, CrappieLuck (yes, seriously).
We don’t deserve forgiveness and shouldn’t expect any.
But LowTaxesEqualsProsperity--I'VE ALREADY FORGIVEN YOU!

Wait.  I just saw your name.  I unforgive you.

Guys and gals, find a same sex buddy for CLAIM purposes and benefits only, to pair up with and get "married", with a pre-nup that protects all your assets, no cost to each other for divorce, etc.

Then, you can get all the benefits of "Married" couples, apply as "Married" for jobs, etc.

Beat the faggots and dykes at their own game.....

Game, set, & match traditionall... you sure showed me.  Now ANYBODY can write "Married" on the application when they... uh.... apply for... jobs.  Wait, have you ever applied for a job???
When filing income tax, same-sex couples will have to pay the “marriage penalty”, just like real married couples.
My first thought was, “What would our founding fathers tink of this?” I believe they would have been surprised that the most important issue of the day is buggery. They would be saddened that what they worked to create in the Constitution and the guarantee of basic rights in the Bill of Rights are being thrown away in a “Fundamental Transformation”.
That's one possibility, JimSEA.  They also might think: "My God, how is that tiny woman's head trapped inside that glowing box?  Explain to me at once these roaring steel behemoths that continually pass us on this black-topped path.  And what's with all the fucking churches everywhere, AMIRITE??"
What you say is so true...let’s extend the logic of today’s thinking: Identity is now anything you want yourself to be. A man can now declare himself to be a male lesbian (woman trapped inside a man’s body that likes other women) and reap all the Federal/Liberal benefits - and sue anyone who gets in the way - and $$$WIN !
Aww shit, Lesbian friends.  Yadent is on to you.  Pretty soon dudes like him are going to be horning in on all your exclusive "Federal Lesbian Benefits."
I am making a list of states that recognize “gay marriage” and crossing them off my list of places to visit. To hell with ‘em.
That will teach their local "Big Johnson" and "Coed Naked" teeshirt dealers, Windsorknot.
Between abortions and gay marriage, the left will eventually kill themselves off.
It's hard to argue with that logic, EQAndyBuzz... I'm sure the "abortion" rate among gay couples is like... SUUUPER high.
I weep for my children.
Let me get close on a serious note, Carrie_Okie: We ALL weep for your children.


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