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Oh, how have the times have changed for Mr. Snowden.  Edward apparently has quite a history of posts and chat logs from a website called Ars Technica as user "TheTrueHooHa."   From TPM:

The most eye-opening chat log published by Ars Technica featured TheTrueHooHa discussing a 2009 New York Times article describing covert U.S. operations to target Iran’s nuclear capabilities. The article was based on information from anonymous sources. Though Snowden would later release classified NSA documents to the press, TheTrueHOOHA blasted the people who apparently leaked information to the Times.

“[W]ho the fuck are the anonymous sources telling them this?” asked TheTrueHOOHA. “those people should be shot in the balls.”

Along with the leakers, TheTrueHOOHA criticized the Times itself, comparing the paper to Wikileaks, the organization that would later advise and aid Snowden.

“WTF NYTIMES … Are they TRYING to start a war? Jesus christ they’re like wikileaks,” TheTrueHOOHA wrote. “They’re reporting classified shit … about an unpopular country surrounded by enemies already engaged in a war and about our interactions with said country regarding planning sovereignity violations of another country you don’t put that shit in the NEWSPAPER.”

But of course, that's not all.  Edward has a whole range of political views, and appears to just adore Ron Paul, referring to him as "dreamy."

Along with his thoughts on leaks, TheTrueHOOHA discussed presidential politics in the Ars Technica chat logs. Snowden told the Guardian he voted for a third party candidate in the 2008 presidential election. At the time, TheTrueHOOHA told his fellow chatters he could back then-Sen. Barack Obama if he teamed up with Sen. John McCain (R-AZ). TheTrueHOOHA praised McCain as a “guy with real values” and said of an Obama presidency, “We need an idealist first and foremost.” One 2008 candidate, Hillary Clinton, did not have the approval of TheTrueHOOHA, who said she “would be a pox on the country” in the White House. TheTrueHOOHA also praised libertarian darling Ron Paul, who apparently received a donation from Snowden last year, as “dreamy.” Along with complimenting Paul, TheTrueHOOHA expressed support for other libertarian policies including the gold standard and the elimination of social security.
Anything else?  Of course there is.  He apparently wants to end social security
“[S]ave money? cut this social security bullshit,” wrote TheTrueHOOHA. “Somehow, our society managed to make it hundreds of years without social security just fine.”
Apparently Mr. Snowden has changed his views dramatically over the last few years.  Up to, and including, his belief that Ecuador is a defender of press freedoms, and Russia and China are defenders of human rights.

I see nothing here but the naked opportunism of a naïve young man who is now the pawn of much bigger totalitarian governments who are playing him for their own ends.  And apparently, Snowden doesn't care.

UPDATE - This little tidbit is actually quite disturbing:  

"See that's why I'm goddamned glad for the second amendment. Me and all my lunatic gun-totting NRA compatriots would be on the steps of congress before the C-SPAN feed finished."
I wonder if he has "Evolved" on that apparent belief as well in the ensuing 4 years.
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