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This article written by Howard Fineman for HuffingtonPost gives voice to the manipulation that is going on by those who own America.   They gave us gay rights and took away the power of the vote.  

Fineman's article supports the sense by some that "we" didn't "win" squat. We were given gay rights as a carrot to placate and distract us in a game of cat and mouse that allows the corporations and politicians to continue to take away our rights, money, and power.   And as a bonus, it helps to make the GOP look reformed because it gives low information voters and so called moderate voters a sense of separation and safety from the crazies that have hijacked the Republican Party.  They're there, see.  But don't worry, the "adults" are in charge.

I urge you to link over and read the article for yourself.   The gist and my take on it are below the fold.

WASHINGTON -- The shrewdest, most manipulative and radical politician in this city isn't the president or a member of Congress. He's the chief justice of the United States Supreme Court, John G. Roberts Jr.

Roberts assured the nation during his 2005 confirmation hearing that he would be an umpire of constitutional law, but instead he has become the cleanup hitter, manager and team owner.

In a now familiar two-step of jurisprudence, the Roberts Court on Wednesday tactically ceded ground it did not regard as crucial -- this time, on two gay rights cases. -snip

But politically, these tolerant rulings on the country's social fabric deflect attention from the Roberts Court's deeper goal: to remove the federal government as an impediment to corporate, state and local power. In other words, to dismantle a framework of progressive laws and court rulings stretching back to Teddy Roosevelt, the New Deal and the Great Society.

Where is Roberts headed from here?
"Roberts has a long-range plan for radical change," said Norman Ornstein, a senior scholar at the American Enterprise Institute. "And he's moving faster than he thought possible when he started eight years ago."
According to the article, the betting is that the Supreme Court will take up affirmative action again; and having substantially weakened federal spending limits on elections, the Roberts Court's next move may be to end contribution limits to political parties and candidates' campaigns.  Environmental and other business regulation are most likely on the Chamber's agenda as well.

Gay rights won Wednesday. Voting rights lost Tuesday. But in the United States of America, big money wins all the time.  

Court observers figured -- rightly as it turned out -- that Roberts would balance his support for the Affordable Care Act with the move he made on Tuesday: writing the opinion that eviscerated the Voting Rights Act and essentially freed the Republican-dominated South from the last vestiges of federal control of the region's election laws.
Roberts' corporate SCOTUS is rescuing the GOP and saving it from itself.   After the initial screams of horror and abomination, the full-throated yammering about ObamaCare and gay marriage will have been muted by the Supreme Court.   And with a gift of 40 billion to Halliburton, the incessant conservative demand to stop "illegal immigration and build a fence" will become history and permit the GOP to lay claim to being every Hispanic's best friend.  Once the corporate SCOTUS has muffled the voices of the the rabid right wing, the corporate GOP can rise ascendant and pretend to be respectable and sane again.  

Originally posted to dkmich on Thu Jun 27, 2013 at 08:12 AM PDT.

Also republished by Motor City Kossacks.

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