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New Light Christian Center Church
Bishop I.V. Hilliard of the New Light Christian Church has his Texas congregation talking after he sent out a newsletter asking his congregation to donate $50,000. Was he starting a food pantry? Working with disadvantaged families? Moving people out of homelessness? Oh, no. He needs new blades for his million dollar helicopter:
Bishop I.V. Hilliard of the New Light Christian Center Church, which has six locations in Texas, said the church chopper needs maintenance just like any vehicle. The flyer obtained by KTRH quotes bible scripture, stating, “We have an urgent transportation need that the Lord said can be an opportunity for you to see His favor and His wisdom released to help you.”

He suggests that the “Aviation Department” of New Light could get a deal on new blades if the ministry collects the money right away. In exchange for money, he said the Lord will issue a favor to congregants that might help them obtain their dream vehicle.

That's right! In exchange for the $52 donation, each donor will receive their dream vehicle in 52 days or 52 weeks. Because the Lord works in mysterious ways, but keeps a tight calendar.

After community outrage, Hilliard had this to say:

Hilliard allegedly responded to Isiah Carey of Fox stating: “New Light Church World Outreach and Worship Centers, Inc. regularly make appeals to Special Partners, Members and friends of the church for the support of various programs and services. Occasionally, it is not uncommon for an appeal to be directed toward specific Kingdom projects or specific needs. In this instance, the appeal was directed to our Special Partners and friends who are familiar with the Biblical principles upon which we base our faith. We sincerely regret if anyone was offended by this appeal in that it was not our intent.”
The news report from Fox 26 in Texas:

You can see the newsletter he sent to the congregation here.

Originally posted to Scout Finch on Fri Jun 28, 2013 at 12:19 PM PDT.

Also republished by Street Prophets .

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