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Some stories are just too rich because they carry interwoven ironies that take one’s “fancy” thinking to totally unravel. This my friends is one of those times.

So we start with a far right-wing judge who put oxygen and a pulse in corporations while making it harder for black people to vote. He’s legislated more policies from the bench than all of his predecessors and should be in the Tea Party Caucus instead of on "any" bench!!

But today, he’s whining because apparently he doesn’t like "con-a-austerity" after all:

Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts on Saturday said the sequester is hurting the judicial branch and that he’s hopeful Congress will provide flexibility.

Roberts, speaking at a conference in West Virginia, noted that the judicial branch of government overall is less than one percent of the federal budget.

“You get a whole branch of government under the Constitution for relative pennies, and the idea that we have to be swept along because it is good public policy to cut everybody – I am not commenting on that policy at all – but the notion that we should just be swept along with it I think is really unfounded,” Roberts said of the across-the-board budget cuts.

“The cuts hit us particularly hard because we are made up of people. That is what the judicial branch is. It is not like we are the Pentagon where you can slow up a particular procurement program or a lot of the other agencies. When we have sustained cuts that mean people have to be furloughed or worse and that has a more direct impact on the services that we can provide,” he added, speaking at the Fourth Circuit Judicial Conference.

Judge, I have three words for you:


It was you who created this rabid House with Citizens United!  It was you who gave the Koch brothers more power than average individuals!!  It was you who was appointed by a president who blew-up the Nation’s economy!  It was you who’s now legalized racist gerrymandering throughout the South!

Does he care about the millions of people severely hurt by his judicial activism?

Not at all.

But he’s completely pissed because Cons reduced the number of staffers who can bring him a cup of coffee???

Child please...

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