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So I went back to Taekwondo today.

More below the dooblydoo.

Now, I actually nearly missed the class - I thought it started at the same time as it had last session I attended and it's now an hour earlier - so my "going early" became just barely in time - but in time it was and I was there for the whole thing.

One member actually welcomed me back - that was cool.  There are two n00b whitebelts with me on the back row - we line up according to rank - and I'm not the least coordinated of the three of us. I was pretty psyched about that as well.

Did I huff and puff? Yes, I did. But with only 80% of my lungs working, I expected that.  Did I feel the burn? Most definitely.  But I feel really good right now.  Sweaty, absolutely. Still chunky. But I paid attention, felt confident and for the most part kept up with everyone else - who are almost all younger and fitter than I am at the moment.

I really want to focus on proper form - erasing some of the bad habits I got into in Arizona - where I was higher ranked, but less certain I was doing much of anything right.  So the questions I asked were about form and control and what I should work on during the week.  While I am afraid to go out and walk in the neighbourhood - we do have a back garden I can practice my forms and movements in between classes.  I already know the form I need to go up in rank, so I can practice that as well as the basic kicks and punches.

I've upped my language learning levels as well - I have some texts and recorded lessons I'm using to be more formal about my Korean.  I still haven't found anyone to speak with, but I can at least repeat and listen closely to make sure I am getting closer to proper intonation and pronunciation. A word a day just wasn't cutting it.

Today I was also watching Tour de France on TV5Monde - and that was nice.  I could follow the commentary, those guys are kind of amusing - and the views we just gorgeous - it's the 100th TdF and the little towns are really trying to look extra picturesque for the cameras and it shows. Tom Veelers biffed it in the final sprint of the day - he bounced off Mark Cavendish and went down, but the Germans finished strong regardless - Chris Froome of Britain has the overall lead currently.

I could come out of my room and watch because there is LESS POX spews now coming out of the living room on a daily basis - I must have done something right while they were gone.  Today was the Military Channel - I can work with that.  This is not to say that all the POX is gone, but there is noticeably less of it recently.  

I stopped at the store on the way home - Louisiana staggers its SNAP benefit releases over the first 15 days of the month - only the elderly and disabled get it within the first 5 days - and the rest of us wait even longer based on our social security numbers. I'm not sure, but I have a sneaking suspicion it's to gain extra interest before depositing it on people's cards - I could be wrong, though.  But it seems like something Booby Jindal would do.

Today was my day, and I picked up a few things I needed - milk, cereal, nuts, jerky, lots of chicken - when I do exercise like TKD I require a lot more protein in my diet and I don't want to kill my parents budget with my meat needs. And yes, some diet pepsi.  Though I drink water before and after class because I sweat so much. Tomorrow I expect I will hurt like hell, but tonight, I feel great.

The local shire meeting is this coming weekend, I hope to have a project to work on while and attend - it seems to be kind of a once a month stitch and bitch archery/fighter practice all in one.  I found some fabric to make my hanbok out of - so I will need to buy that this week and get my basic cuts made to get started.

I made my own self tailoring dummy the cheap and sleazy way - duct tape and an old tee shirt.  Use an oversized shirt and get someone to carefully tape you so it's firm and you can still breathe - then cut up one side under the arm to get out.  Run a strip of tape over that to put it back together and with an upright lamp I'm not using in my room - tailor's dummy.  That way you know things will fit properly and not waste fabric.  I have a couple steampunk items I want to make as well - and if anyone has a pattern for drop front trousers, let me know, I need one!

Next weekend I am going to Little Rock, AR to spend Shabbos with a friend from Portland who is working there.  I picked up a pair of proper trousers and and some swim trunks (on sale naturally) - there is a pool at his complex - and will probably spend the entire weekend, coming home on Monday.  It will be nice to be frum for a little while - it's so easy when I am around frum people and damn near impossible here at home.  My parents just do not get it.  So I'm looking forward to that as well - I assume we will be eating by someone for meals - my buddy isn't much of a cook!  His wife will be visiting the following Shabbos, so I hope to make some challahs for them he can pop in the freezer for a week.  

Also, if anyone wants to do a mitzvah, a Chabadnik friend of mine is fundraising for a pair of Rabbenu Tam tefillin - PM me for the rabbi's email that is collecting and will make the purchase.  RT tefillin run about $1000, so far they have raised about $300 of it.

I baked some bread last week for the family and they were all excited - and I missed baking.  Mum is back on Weight Watchers and thankfully NOT trying to fat shame me into joining her - well, she tried, but I wasn't having any of it.  So my bread baking will be somewhat limited at home because she can't really eat it so much.

So that's the news from the swamp, I'm trying to make the best of being down here for as long as six more months.

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