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So I've steered clear from a lot of the Trayvon Martin murder trial, but there are a few points that keep running through my head that I didn't see addressed by the prosecution that I think they should've brought up. These things seemed obvious to me, and I kept waiting for the prosecution to mention them, when I was watching the trial. Then it occurred to me that not everyone works in an urban emergency room, and so not everyone may have the vantage point gained from experience that I've had.

As an emergency room worker, I see a lot of people who've been in fights, on both the giving and receiving end. I have treated the hand wounds of people who pounded someone else's face into pulp. I have cleaned people up who were punched in the face repeatedly and had their noses broken. I have cleaned up people's scalp wounds who either fell and hit their heads on the pavement, or had them cracked into the ground by someone else.

Trayvon Martin's hands were not the hands of a young kid's with no formal fighting training who had been beating a grown man within an inch of his life. His knuckles weren't bruised and his metacarpals weren't fractured, according to the ME. Most people who haven't spent hours in a gym at a speed bag, will punch incorrectly, and especially if they're punching someone else's skull, will break their knuckles. Even professional fighters' hands will swell up if they are bare-knuckle boxing someone.

George Zimmerman's scalp wasn't *nearly bloody enough, even taking into account having been cleaned up by the EMTs, for him to have had his head repeatedly bashed into the pavement, in his own words. I would expect worse from someone who fell backwards and cracked their heads on accident. Scalp wounds bleed horrifically, and there would have been significant swelling and discoloration. Also, his face should've been much more swollen and discolored for someone who had been on the receiving end of a life-threatening beating.

All I'm saying is that his story doesn't pass the sniff test, and I think he's lying about the conditions leading up to the gunshot. Why would he lie? Because he knows he murdered a child, and doesn't want to go to jail for it. Personally, I think he picked a fight because having the gun made him feel like a big man. Then, because he's actually a wuss who can't fight, he started to get his ass kicked, and he panicked because he's a wuss, and can't handle situations like that. So he shot a child in his heart, and killed him for being unfortunate enough to have had a fight picked with him by a grown-ass man.

Just my two cents as both a medical professional, and someone who's been in a fair share of ass-whoopings over the years, on both sides. I hope the jury feels the same as me, and puts this racist jack-ass away for a long time.

This is my first post here after lurking for quite a while. Apologies for any errors.

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