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Stand your ground is an extension of the Castle Doctrine

The Castle Doctrine (also known as castle law or make my day law) gives citizens in their homes – and in some states – cars or workplaces the right to protect themselves, other people, and their property by force – in some instances even deadly force. -
Some States have much wider interpretation of the Castle Doctrine the widest being Florida
The state of Florida has such a strong Castle Doctrine that the dwelling being protected does not need to have a roof; can be mobile or immobile; and can be as temporary as a tent.
Stand your ground
Stand-your-ground laws allow someone to use force in self-defense when there is reasonable belief of a threat, without an obligation to retreat first. Twenty states, excluding Connecticut, have stand-your-ground laws. Generally, these laws require the person to (1) have a legal right to be at the location and (2) not be engaged in an unlawful activity.
Again Florida features prominently
Florida courts have interpreted the legislature's creation of a stand-your-ground law as creating an affirmative defense, expanding the right of self-defense and abolishing the common law “duty to retreat” when a person uses deadly force in self-defense to prevent imminent great bodily harm or death. But in cases where a defendant is engaged in an unlawful activity or was in a place where he did not have a right to be at the time he was attacked, the common law duty to retreat still applies.
Apparently Florida has created another rule:

You can go looking for trouble and when you find it kill with impunity.

However you should obey a few guidelines.

Just make out that whoever you are stalking and trying to apprehend can be made to look like the aggressor. If the target is African American then you are probably good to go.

I wonder if there is a racial bigotry hierarchy that needs to be followed? That one has been applied since the America's were "discovered", native Americans will know exactly how that one works.

I wonder if the is a gender hierarchy that can be followed, I'm sure rserven has an opinion just how that one would work, and we all know how it in fact does.

I wonder if there is a sexuality hierarchy, oh you know there is..

There has always been a economic hierarchy as far as justice has been concerned.

So when stalking someone make sure you observe the hierarchical requirements of stalker/stalked, then you should be good to go.

And to cap it all SCOTUS thought we live in a post racial society.

So, if Zimmerman had killed a 17 year old white boy with no history of violent crime he would have been acquitted?

Give me a break.

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