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Every stretch of coast in Florida has a name.  The Emerald Coast is around Pensacola.  The Sun Coast is around St. Petersburg.  The Treasure Coast is Palm Beach.  I grew up in Brevard County.  Brevard County is the Space Coast.

Where I went to school, you had a choice.   You could watch Mercury, Gemini, or Apollo spacecraft lift off on television.  Or you could go outside and watch them directly.  They were 35 miles away, but you could still see them.  My father was pumping gas in 1986, and watched the Challenger explode.

My father was an engineer who worked for a government contractor.  He worked with a government engineer, a civilian with the Department of Defense, and together they built a string of telemetry antenna's that stretched from Merritt Island, into the Bahamas, the lesser Antilles, the South Atlantic and South Africa.  

This civilian DOD engineer had a son who I grew up with.  From the moment he drew his first breath, until he left home, every single calorie that crossed his lips was paid for by the United States government -- just like me.

As a son of the space program, he was fascinated with flying.  He wanted to become a pilot with the Air Force, but his eyesight was bad.  He had to settle for being a navigator, but settle he did.  Being a highly intelligent young man, he was able to gain admission to a prestigious engineering school, where he earned a degree in electrical engineering -- and extraordinary difficult course of study, in case you're wondering.

His education was paid for by an ROTC scholarship.  In payment for his education,,the government then paid him to serve as a navigator on air force jets like the B-52.  He wound up spending 20 years in the Air Force, retiring as a Lieutenant Colonel.  

Which means that from the day he was born until he almost 45 years old, he never spent a single dollar he didn't get from the United States government.  He can literally claim to a be a creation of the United States government, which government spent literally millions of dollars on his education and training.  Indeed, the government started spending on his prosperity years before he was born, when it sent his father to engineering school on the GI bill.

This friend of mine, who grew up with me watching rocket ships leave the earth from Cape Canaveral, occasionally complains about having to pay taxes.

Meanwhile, on the other side of tracks, the government has spent much less of his tax money mostly just keeping poor, uneducated, kids alive.  Where he and his parents enjoyed things like FHA and VA mortgages to help them become home owners, poor folks get Section 8 rent subsidies . . . subsidies that help other middle class slum lord wannabe's pay the mortgages on their rental properties.  He and his parents were given very expensive educations, and put to work in good paying government jobs.  

What investment have we made on the poorest among us.

That is the write up.  If you'd like to see the video, you know what to do.

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  •  Whether it's a noun or a verb, (1+ / 0-)
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    there should be an "at" after the suckling. The teat gets sucked, the suckling gets suckled. Picture it.

    That said, I'd also point out that all dollars come from the public Treasury. Or rather, the Bureau of Printing and Engraving produces them and the Treasury distributes them -- unless they are issued as electronic digits. Then the dollars are created by key strokes and sent from the Treasury to the Federal Reserve, which then lends them to other banks, which then lend them back to the Treasury to "earn" a surplus without doing any work.
    This raises the question, or should, why the Congress has set up this laundering scheme to generate income for banksters who aren't doing anything productive. The answer, I would suggest, is two-fold. On the one hand, the Congress, which is tasked in the Constitution with managing the currency (along with other weights and measures) was eager to rid itself of this obligation. So, it set up the Fed in 1913, so it couldn't be held to account for where the money went, or didn't. Because, mostly, money is most effective when, like reading and writing, people don't get it. Deprivation, that's the ticket. Deprivation is what comes in handy when people are to impressed with your dominion.
    Also, by giving banksters first dibs on the dollars, the Congress critters insure that when next they are facing election, there will be dollars available to spread the good news. And the lazy or bad behavior will be forgotten. Being vouched for by the trusty banker counts for a lot. One hand washes the other with OUR money.

    Taxes, by the way, are the mechanism by which dollars are kept in circulation by having them return (as revenue) to the Treasury to be sent out again, instead of having to keep issuing new. Taxes are part of a recycling process, something that the Cons don't understand. It seems ironic, but Cons are people who don't get function because they don't see (can't see) the connection. Engineers understand function. Engineering is not a profession for the Cons.

    No connection for the Cons.

    We organize governments to deliver services and prevent abuse.

    by hannah on Sat Jul 20, 2013 at 03:12:20 AM PDT

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