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Chart of eToys massive fraud issues

    Many of you may have seen the  banter on U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder stating that there are institutions who - when the Department of Justice considers a prosecution - are so big that they may be (in essence) Too Big (to jail) (see HuffPo story - here ).

    Meanwhile, the New York United States Attorney Preet Bharara states that NO ONE is too big to jail (see Yahoo News linking to CBS story - here ) and USAG Eric Holder is now on the record saying that his previous remark was a slip of the tongue. Mr. Holder now concurs that No One is too big (HuffPo story - "Actually I Meant To Say NO Banks Are Too Big To Jail").

     However, I beg to differ - as there's NO evidence to the contrary - thus far! For, as many of you are aware - the eToys cases continue with Goldman Sachs and Bain Capital getting away with breaking the Law openly - because they ARE (thus far) Too Big To Jail.

    Senator Elizabeth Warren is our gal in Massachusetts and for America's middle class. She (unlike someone else we know) - is staying true to form and keeping her promises. Senator Warren is sponsoring Bills and going after the issues - as she did before she was elected - with the same sense of activism, temerity and tenacity that makes U.S. all love/adore her. Senator Warren has a July 2013 Diary at DK on Glass Stengal Act ( here ).

Unfortunately - Bain Capital is one of her major constituents.

     Therefore, I can no longer seek her assistance on the issues, its just not fair to ask her to attack one of her own State largest employers and over achievers. Especially when it is USAG Eric Holder and USA Preet Bharara's job to do so.

NY Supreme Court Ruling on eToys (ebc1) v Goldman Sachs Iminent!

      Our intent is to file a formal, federal complaint against Mitt Romney and his cohorts/ cronies concerning their Racketeering; which includes the eToys case. However, I'm now waiting for a pending opine by the New York Supreme Court (see the notice of eToys {renamed ebc1 after Bain/Kay Bee stole name} versus Goldman Sachs - here )

     It is now a public docket record matter of evidence undeniable that Goldman Sachs attorney in Delaware (MNAT) lied under oath and got away with it for several years.

     Prior to MNAT confessing it lied under oath, it did a couple of things that are telltale. MNAT petitioned for the Destruction of Books & Records of eToys (the same way Romney destroyed his Olympic Records and Governor of Massachusetts computer hard drives). MNAT and Paul Traub colluded to put in a Paul Traub partner who also worked with Traub for Romney at Stage Stores (Barry Gold) as eToys President/CEO (see Wall Street Journal story of July 25, 2005 "EToys Investors Find Conflict at Law Firm").

     Fortunately for me, Romney and his gang were silly enough to believe they could get away with all of this and still run for President of the United States;

but Pitten's didn't make it!

     Due to Mitt and his gang's hubris, the story has gained momentum. September 2012 New York Supreme Court re-opens the eToys case (here). Matt Taibbi discussed the case and Rolling Stone wouldn't let him tell the whole story; but Taibbi did some good assistance with his remarks on Stage Stores and Kay Bee with the Rolling Stone cover story "Greed & Debt". (Yes my dear Kossacks - they are all related - including Tom Petters Ponzi and Marc Dreier frauds - just look them up on Wiki).

     Those articles allowed me to have discussions with NY U.S. Attorney Bharara's Public Corruption Task Force (cause Pitten's and GSachs happened to be benefiting from the federal corruption of Colm F Connolly - former U.S. Attorney in Delaware). For the first time in 12 years, the Department of Justice actually assigned a direct person to me - who emailed me and became FULLY informed of all the issues at hand.

However, that guy was promoted to the OIG and changed his email (Uh oh)!

     Be that as it may, two more wonderful articles did appear and things happened glorious/apropos. The New York Times, without any prompting from yours truly, did come out with a story on Goldman Sachs part of the eToys frauds. (See March 2013 story by Joe Nocera titled "Rigging the I.P.O. Game"); which was followed up by this wonderful tidbit (that I'd been working on for years) - of Toys R Us being forced to cancel the I.P.O. they were working on for 2 years (CNN Finance Fortune article - here ).

      Now, either the Department of Justice is doing its job - or it isn't. Odds are we will soon know which way the wind is blowing. Currently, I'd say its a coin flip. Fortunately for me, due to another piece of corruption - I've got a former U.S. Attorney as my counsel now - and that's something wonderful. Did the man at the Public Corruption Task Force get promoted up the ladder to give him more authority to do this case - or will the corruption continue? Will the NY Supreme Court rule that Goldman Sachs needs a big ass spanking, for suing itself - via Fraud on the Court? Or is the reason the item is Under Seal; because they are up to no good (take a look at the top of the page - here ).

       WELL United States Attorney Preet Bharara - its now time for actions to speak louder than words. You have proof of Racketeering by Bain Capital - MASSIVE - and in a smaller way, but just as damning (in accordance with the standards set by Congress) - against Goldman Sachs too.

      Are we going to see that your office informed the New York Supreme Court that Goldman Sachs is perpetrating a Fraud on the Court where MNAT (a Goldman Sachs law firm) nominated Paul Traub's TBF (a crooked law firm in partnership with MNAT in Goldman Sachs and Bain Capital frauds) is, in essence, Goldman Sachs suing Goldman Sachs?

    Or is the reason it is Under Seal - that corruption shall continue?


Your [in]Actions Speak Louder Than Words!


    If someone over at the DOJ would wake up from their slumber, they would realize that I've handed them Bain Capital on a silver platter. All they have to do is carve their hundreds of billions of dollars UP.

    And unlike Madoff, Marc Dreier, Rothstein/Discala,  etc - which were schemes that lost much of its value when exposed. Bain Capital's Racketeering/RICO seizure would be the largest RICO case of all time and the LARGEST return of all time. As many a company will foam at the mouth to bid on Clear Channel Communications, Jumbo Sports, Babies R Us, The Celtics, Guitar Centers, FAO Schwartz, Kay Bee, Toys R Us and eToys...

I'm just sayin.......

Killing the discussion - even before it starts

  - - - the Laser Haters

   Here at DK, we have issues with a crowd/clusters of disingenuous parties who care not for normal discussion. Nor for the obvious fact that corruption is transpiring, or germane relevant issues such as adjudication upon the merits.

Nope - not this bunch!

    They just like to come right out of the gate and make false statements, call names and even claim they'd rather vote for Goldman Sachs - then be on the side of the victim of Goldman Sachs crimes.

Bullies - each and every one - distasteful.

      Matters not that this particular Diary is quoting a serious issue and a retraction by Eric Holder. Nor that we have a case (eToys) that is directly on point. It also seems to elude these "geniuses" that the eToys saga (now 12 years old) is gathering strength in discussion (evident by NY Times and NY Supreme Court).

       Nope, this bunch of Cretans wouldn't know how to do a legitimate discussion, if they were paid to do so. They just adore killing the conversation and bullying up on a whistleblower/victim - apparently due to the ability to be snide & petty. Never do they discuss the merits of an item and its worth.

     What is a sad state of affairs here - is that no venerate of the realm has the decency to stop by and say what needs to be said.

Either stick with the facts at hand, substantively, or stay away

                                             you know - Like decent folks!  

     But I have my a2's, GTP's and other good caring folks here, who wish to be kept in the know. Thus, I've no choice but to endure the intolerable.

      Meanwhile, we have the extraordinary persons like Mr. III - who endures the same stuff all of us decent Progressive's face - and he steps to the fore (and enlightened me) about the patterns of bad faith intentional. So I republished his D from long ago - and provide it to you here and now. Horace Boothroyd III said it is verboten, to 1st comment, be bad faith smokin. His D germane is titled

 "If you want to remain blissfully naive: do not read this post".

It should be called - Oh Ye of Bad Faith - We now that ye are wraith!

- - To the fans/followers in good faith, who wish to see justice in this case and take joy that someone has not given up; I'm sorry we all have to endure the bad faith parties. But fret ye not, sooner or later, the whole story will come out by another;

and they eat their words - sourly!

    As an example of the incongruity , the brilliant one below stated ----

              its all theory, prove him wrong, he comes up with more
                                                          (he must be talking to a mirror).

    For this is the 8th anniversary of the Wall Street Journal story ( here ) reporting on the fact that Paul Traub lied (failed to disclose his conflict of interest) about his relationship to Barry Gold (whom them schemed to put in my place so they could give back the tens of millions of dollars to Romney/Bain - that I made him pay extra to buy eToys). The FACT (not theory) is this is a story by the Wall Street Journal quoting the United States Trustee stating;

The bankruptcy trustee in the case, Kelly Stapleton, has accused Mr. Traub's firm in court papers of violating federal bankruptcy law by failing to disclose his business ties to Mr. Gold. Given the firm's long experience in bankruptcy cases, "the failure to disclose is difficult to understand as inadvertent rather than deliberate," she said.

    Deliberate fraud on the court by officers of the court is a crime heinous/egregious! So much so that - even with bad faith cronyism and corruption in place - Paul Traub had to cough up $750,000.


    An Opinion by the Delaware Bankruptcy Court is what the WSJ is quoting. It is 50 plus pages of babbling B.S. - for it concludes (though the parties confessed to lying under oath) - that no Perjury was proven ( see Opinion pages 50 thru 52 - here ).

     In that same opine by the Chief Federal Justice in Wilmington, DE Bankruptcy Court, it states on page 16 thereof that;

“the failure of an attorney employed by the estate to disclose a disqualifying conflict of interest, whether intentional or not, constitutes sufficient ‘extraordinary circumstances’ to justify relief under Rule 60(b)(6). To hold otherwise would only serve to penalize the [Plaintiff] for delay that was beyond his control and to reward conflicted attorneys for failing to disclose their conflicts beyond the one-year period.”.
    At that time, we all (eToys shareholders and I) believed the court would punish the bad guys and give back the victims, the monies stolen. For that would be punishing conflicted attorneys and restitution to "Plaintiff".  But that's not what happened. Instead the judge toss out the good guys and let the crooks keep the keys to the vault they were/ are - fleecing.

      Because it was Mitt Romney and he possessed his very own United States Attorney (Colm Connolly came from Romney's firm of MNAT) - they all believed they could get away with it all; being Above the Law. Where Romney, upon winning the election and becoming POTUS; could pick that "friendly" U.S. Attorney General that Mr. Adelson was shelling out the $100 million to secure.

                                       But Romney Didn't Make it!

                                               Simple Facts!

                                                 Not theory!



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