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“Cowards die many times before their deaths; the valiant never taste of death but once.”

 William Shakespeare, Julius Caesar

My first and likely only diary.

George Zimmerman is a coward. He epitomizes the definition of a coward but so do almost all individuals who carry concealed weapons if they have a permit or not. Let me repeat that so there are no misunderstandings, with very few exceptions, people who carry concealed weapons are cowards. States are doling out concealed weapon permits to any Tom, Dick, Harry or Jane with reckless abandon, over one million in Florida alone. I know a few of these gutless cowards and no matter how they justify their reasoning for carrying a concealed weapon it boils down to I am afraid and my gun makes me feel brave. If you live in fear you are a coward. Trayvon Martin was not a coward. When Trayvon was profiled and stalked and ultimately confronted by the coward Zimmerman I am certain he did not announce that he was armed with a concealed weapon. Trayvon was placed unknowingly at an extreme disadvantage by the laws of the State of Florida. The 17 year old youth unbeknownst to him was about to be forced into a fight. What he thought was going to be a fist fight. Sadly the deck was stacked against him via a concealed weapon. Zimmerman knew that inducing a confrontation would justify his shooting of the innocent young man. Travyon only had his fist in what was a planned gun fight. Zimmerman’s poor attitude recorded in his call to the police, his inability to follow instructions from the police, and his general stupidity of how to handle a self-induce confrontation led to the murder of Trayvon. His cowardice did not end there.

After the fact he lied. He told so many versions of the events leading up to what made him pull the trigger his lawyers could not put him on the stand to defend himself. Another fine example of his cowardice.  In his heart he knows he stalked and shot an unarmed young man, in his heart he knows he lied about being jump and he knows he lied about has his head being slammed against the concrete 15 or 20 times. From personal experience when I was 14 years old and got into a fist fight at some point I was on top of this young man and I grab his hair on each side of his head and lifted his head up twice hammering it back to the ground, on the second blow his eyes glazed over. I instantly thought if I hit his head on the ground again I would have killed him. I stopped my actions jumped off of him and quit fighting which turned out to be the last fight I was ever engaged. He was dazed but nor permanently hurt. I know Zimmerman is a lying coward.  The only solace I have is fact that the coward Zimmerman will die many deaths in his heart and soul over course of his cowardly life. George Zimmerman was so cowardly he shot to kill he just couldn’t shoot to maim or fire a warning shot but had to kill. He is the epitome of a coward because before he pulled that trigger he knew he was wrong about everything he did and the only way to cover up his act of hostility was to kill. Only in America and I don’t know when it changed but you now can you kill a black unarmed child of 17 and be hailed as a hero by the conservatives in the name of self-defense. A coward afraid of being beat up in a fist fight, he had to kill to save his life is the sweet song, a cowards refrain if you will, “I was in fear of my life”.

Before I continue let me declare that I own guns, hand guns, shot guns and rifles. I own no assault style weapons. I am a hunter more so in my younger days than now. I am not against guns I am for the proper use of them. Coward Zimmerman is like most people with guns they should not own them.

So here is where it has to be said again almost all people who carry concealed weapons are cowards. There are few exceptions to that statement. Does Wayne LaPierre carry a concealed weapon? If he does he is a coward. Hell a Google search does not reveal his place of birth. Talk about the need to prove citizenship here a text book example. Where is the conservative outrage that this apparent foreigner has not produced a long form birth certificate? Is it because he is not a scary black man in the White House? Most likely.

"Wore his gun outside his pants for all the honest world to feel" lyrics by Townes Van Zandt.  

If states are going to give out permits to carry guns then they must and should be carried out in the open. Doling out concealed weapons permit places the general public at a severe disadvantage. At least with the open carry of a firearm someone will have the chance to avoid these cowards. Leave the area or cross the street to get away from them. Most all of the concealed carry people are burdened with low self-esteem and mental issues who feel that a gun makes them braver and 6 inches taller in a civilized society.  Carrying a weapon out in the open would give business owners the right to refuse entry to their place of business unless they checked their firearm at the door. I will assume that the NRA, conservative republicans and libertarians still believe that a business owner would have the right not to have guns in their business establishment or do they want to take that right away from business owners as well. Do gun rights trump all rights in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights? Where does life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness fall in the scheme of rights. Trayon’s killer did not give him a choice because the pudgy coward took the choice of those rights away from him.

The reason guns faded out of being carried out in the open in public view in a peaceful American civilized society in my opinion is that when you carried a gun openly at a certain point in history of American you were seen for what you are a person suffering from some form of mental inferiority that requires a gun to make you feel complete. If open carry is the law of the land then perhaps the holsters should be issued in blaze orange so that the firearm is fully and easily visible much as the requirement to wear blaze orange when deer hunting. The requirement to wear blaze orange became self-evident because a lot hunters were too ignorant to establish their target prior to pulling the trigger. I am certain these cowards that acquire concealed weapon permits are of the same caliber of individuals that are starring on you tube demonstrating their gun prowess right before they shoot themselves, someone else or get knocked down by the kick backed in the face with the recoil of the gun.  How is it in America that we have safety training for all people authorized to carry guns but none for any coward who wants to carry them. The last thing these cowards want is to have to carry a gun open in public view. Why, someone may get the drop on them. They like having in their mind the advantage of concealment. You know you are braver when you have known advantage.   A coward’s bravado if you will.

I hear the gun of choice for mothers is the Bushmaster AR 15. I know lots of mothers and none have a Bushmaster hell none even own a gun. How paranoid do you have to be to have these fears dancing around in your head that you must have an AR 15 at ready 24/7 to protect your brood. The woman that stated this before congress is a stooge and a coward.

Now we have some brave governors talking secession.  Led by non-other than the leading dimwit coward himself Rick Perry.  So Rick when are you going to order your Nation Guard to attack the 15 federal military bases in your state? Being the coward you are you will never call your house and senate to vote for secession and vote to attack any of the federal military bases in your state. Just another coward who likes to talk big. Just know most perceive you as a complete idiot. Your time on the presidential stage proved that to all but true conservatives.

Another notable high profile coward is Ted Nugent. His bravado entails wanting Hilary Clinton or Barak Obama to suck on his gun. Ted boy epitomizes the conservative coward, all talk no action. Ted Nugent is like Dick Cheney cowards when it came to serving their country during Viet Nam and like killing farm raised and penned up game animals.  

 I need to wrap this up. Concealed weapon carriers almost universally are blatant cowards. I could point out thousands of current individuals who exemplify the twenty first century coward. For now I am done and wait for the rage.

Originally posted to rattlemullet on Fri Jul 26, 2013 at 06:50 AM PDT.

Also republished by Repeal or Amend the Second Amendment (RASA) and Shut Down the NRA.

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