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Yes, illegal immigration is a crime - basically trespassing or crashing a party.  It's a dick move if there are viable alternatives, but somehow I find it hard to feel angry that someone who lives on a few dollars a day in Guatemala comes here to pick fruit for 14 hours in 105 degree weather for less than minimum wage.  In other words, it's not as serious an offense as, say, stealing billions of dollars through stock manipulation, defrauding consumers in order to steal their homes, suppressing votes, or committing mass-murder and torture the way that Republicans not only do but proudly brag about doing.  Those things are the domain of truly soulless, vile, inhuman trash with no conscience and no country.  Trash like you, Rep. King.

Instead of demonizing kids who use their parents' minor crimes as an opportunity to get an education, how about getting one yourself, you pathetic old Klansman?  How about helping make the world a better place so there are fewer reasons for people to flee their native countries?  How about sending your glorious "job creator" masters to jail when they exploit illegal immigration to pay people less than minimum wage?  But you couldn't do that, could you?  You'd be thrown out of the GOP cult.

If any illegal immigrants have "cataloupe-sized calves" it's because people like you hire them to do the jobs you're too busy stealing to do yourselves.  But hey, Republicans still get some nice muscle tone lugging your golf clubs from your car to the golf cart, when the country club doesn't employ illegal immigrants to do it for you.  And beating your wives and children must give you people some nice upper body workouts too.

You, Mr. King, are not an American in any sense of the word other than paperwork.  You are a selfish moron who contributes nothing to this country, lives on a high government salary and benefits while demonizing others for needing basic assistance, and treats your mildest irritation with other groups of people as if it were the most damning indictment against them while you and your Party openly promote crimes against humanity.  You are a festering pustule on an ulcerated sphincter of a criminal organization, and the reason so many people come here is because in their home countries people like you have totally destroyed all opportunity.  

So why don't you go back where you came from, Rep. King?  Crawl back into your mother, because obviously you weren't done cooking yet.

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