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UPDATE 2:  We do have a few people on the ground now who are within driving distance.  One of them has spoken with her at the hospital, and she will be okay for tonight. People will be checking in on her tomorrow by phone, and in person if needed, as I understand it.  It looks as though her surgery is indeed being moved up to the coming week sometime.  I'll keep everyone posted, and if anything is needed, I'll let the community know in as timely a fashion as is humanly possible.


UPDATE:  Tonya is going home tonight anyway. The ER doc has consulted with her doc, and they've decided that they will release her once the transfusion is complete, because the earliest they can do the surgery is next week.  This may move up her timetable considerably for needing to hire an attendant for her daughter, so this week's diaries have been more important than we realized.  I'll keep folks posted as soon as I know anything new.

This will be quick; it is an emergent situation.

If you've been following the diaries this week for Kossack tonyahky, you know how serious her medical situation is.  I've just received word that she in in the emergency room at Baptist Hospital in Richmond. she has been bleeding and is dangerously anemic, and they are prepping her for a blood transfusion as I write this.

They want to admit her for several days.  if you've followed the diaries, you know how problematic that is.  She had intended to go grocery shopping this evening, and she has told hospital staff that she cannot be admitted until she can get enough groceries to last her kids for the days she'll be gone.  

Here's what we need:  Someone close enough who can drive to the hospital and pick up a little cash from her and a list, then drive the supplies to her apartment to leave them with her elder daughter.  Otherwise, she will have to leave the hospital as soon as the transfusion is complete, go grocery shopping, then return to the hospital to be admitted.

I do not want to find out that she's passed out in the Kroger aisle.

This is in fact a life-threatening situation, and needs to be treated as such.  ANYONE in the area who can help, please Kosmail me, and I will give you her phone number.  She will clear you with emergency room staff to come and pick up the money.

Thank you in advance.

Originally posted to Aji on Sat Jul 27, 2013 at 06:19 PM PDT.

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