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Last week I followed the Fundraising diaries for tonyahky; when the fundraising goal is met tonyahky (Tonya) will be able to hire a care taker for her severely autistic daughter so she, Tonya can get a potentially life saving surgery. Late last night I found an Update diary describing a crisis that needed Kossacks attention. Again, caring and resourceful Kossacks found a way to help Tonya. Nobody should have to choose between their health and taking care of their child, yet current laws and poor resources make these kinds of choices more prevalent than we want to be aware of.

I don’t know Tonya, I’ve never come across comments or diaries by her and I’ve never met her personally, yet I still care very much what happens to her and it’s important to me that we help her in any way we can. The reality is that many individuals in our own community are quietly facing situations that are causing them great fear. They should be scared; we should be scared. How easy is it today to be down to your last $50.00 and what happens when that last $50.00 is lost or stolen? What happens when the panic is so high you can’t function anymore? These are real situations faced by real people every day, and some of these people belong to our community.

This is also a fundraising diary. I am concerned that readers will feel that too many fundraising diaries have been posted of late, and they may be right. But, it does speak to the need that people are experiencing right now in our community; the dire circumstances that many people are living through. Maybe as a community we can develop a plan for kossacks who are experiencing extraordinary circumstances and are in need of financial assistance then we won’t have the need for these fundraising diaries. But for now, this is the venue of record; this is how we help.

Last week I went with edrie to the Gift Mart where she purchased pearls, jade and crystals to make jewelry. This was a potpourri of experiences. If you remember, it was edrie’s friends who were killed and injured in the shooting at the gift mart a couple of weeks ago so it was important for edrie to see and talk to the merchants and jewelers there because of the long relationships she has had with these people and because it is in her nature as a healer to use her energy in such a way that love and soothing energy would prevail over the evil that had entered that building. I’ll let edrie explain in her own words what she experienced and how she used her energy to promote healing; my job today is to show you what she created out of the jewelry she purchased and help her raise enough money to keep Sani in his paddock.

From edrie and Sani Need Our Help:

If you’ve talked with edrie in the threads then you know that her horse Sani has been very ill, it is the type of illness that could require a human to put their horse down (think Barbaro and Secretariat). He has laminitis, a life threatening hoof condition that requires meticulous care, loving, healing energy and financial resources edrie has struggled to attain. Sani is on special feed and low carb hay, by the end of summer he may be fully recovered. While it has been expensive to treat him, edrie feels she owes it to him.

Last year edrie had hand surgery, she moved into a small room at a friend’s house to heal, but due to negligence on the part of the hand therapist, scar tissue grew in the joints making her hand almost unusable. After months of therapy she is faced with a second procedure where they will put her under and physically force the joints to bend - breaking the tendons free of the scar tissue which will require another six weeks of therapy.

Since her hand surgery she has been unable to make jewelry. This is the way she supplements social security and food stamps to pay for his board and care and her living expenses. She says she hasn’t been able to pay for board since March of this year. Now the barn has given her 30 days to catch up or move Sani to the pasture, something that would kill him with his foot condition.

Edrie just moved again, into a friend’s house to help take care of her. This is the first time in her life she doesn’t have her own home. But she is behind in payments and now the barn is requiring $5000.00 to keep Sani in his paddock.

Even with these stressors edrie feels that these are short term problems, as long as she can pay something toward keeping Sani in his paddock so he won’t be sent to the pasture, she feels time is on her side in the long run. Once her mom’s house sells she will have enough to live on, but for the time being, she is scared.

As of last night:
i'm still 4k out - but if i have another $2500 to $3000, i can get some time from the barn.  the guy who wants the motor home has raised $2k but until he has the full amount, i am not letting it go - i may need to move back in - and when he does get the $3850, it will go toward future board. i'm selling the rv at a price far below market value on it - even with the work it needs right now.
Last week we raised $1000.00 selling her jewelry on etsy and with the generous donations by Kossacks who read my diary for edrie last week. Unfortunately, edrie and Sani still need our help and I like many in our community want to help our members so they are not suffering silently by losing their homes, their anchors, their loves because for edrie, this is what Sani represents.
Screen Shot 2013-07-28 at 12.52.25 PM
Screen Shot 2013-07-28 at 12.29.25 PM
sani and me  ceci photo

Please spend a moment viewing edrie's work to see how she utilizes energy and healing as inspiration for these beautiful pieces of jewelry.

from burma with love
these flattened teardrop earrings are highlighted with a burmese jade bead - beautifully matching with the sterling silver chain and lever backed earrings.
onyx and pearls for strength and patience
for my friends
these are a tribute to the beauty found in aisian art. these pearls beckoned to be combined in tribute to my friends who bring beauty into my world to share with yours.

the gold, white and grey pearls move on the silver wire within to constantly change the design into a living tribute.

may these bring blessings to the wearer as they have to the hands that made them.

natural pearl necklace two strand
two strand natural color pearls can be worn as a chocker or a longer double strand

coins that bring beauty
exquisitely lustrous white baroque coin pearls touched off by onyx and silver will highlight your riches in life - the beauty of pearls - the strength of onyx to dress any occasion!
nature's beauty in jade and pearl
natural jadite teardrops are enhanced by large pearls with a sliver cast, both suspended by a sterling chain. the jade is both cool and warm with the soft graining of grey-green.
classicly purple in jade
classicly green in jade
onyx and silver for strength and stability
pearls in silver, jade in lavender
this unusual and beautiful combination of lavender jade teardrops with pearls glowing with a silver cast is exceptionally beautiful, all accented in sterling! at times, certain combinations beg to be joined - this is such an occasion!
a real treasure for stepping out in style
all in nature is beautiful...
natural jade teardrops accented with beautiful burmese jade beads combine to make a beautiful addition to fine jewelry. these special jade earrings are suspended from lever backed sterling silver earrings.

the pictures of these earrings pale to the real world glow they impart.

each pair is unique as the veining of each stone shares a different centuries old voice in stone.

i rarely find burmese jade that speaks to me - i have enough to make another five pair in addition to this set.

green jade and pearls better than green eggs and ham
Because each of these materials are unique stones no 2 are exactly alike except however if you see something you like very similar designs can be custom ordered. Please check the Etsy site as more pieces are being added.
edrie's Shop on Etsy
Paypal link is
If you are not interested in purchasing jewelry or cannot afford to donate, we would appreciate your recommend of this diary and your tip in the tip jar. Please know your recommend and tip hold power because it helps us generate more views for this diary. You can also share on FaceBook and tweet this diary out. You can use hashtags #FundMe and #GoFundMe; one never knows who will see this diary because of your recs and tips. #TYSVM (Thank You So Very Much!)

Originally posted to remembrance on Sun Jul 28, 2013 at 04:17 PM PDT.

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