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-Over 50 people died from 13 embassy/consulate attacks under Bush. Where was the outrage over that?

-The nonpartisan Accountability Review Board did not find Hillary Clinton responsible for Benghazi.

-Hillary did not receive the cables from Benghazi.  

-The biggest security failure, 9/11/2001, happened under a Republican administration.

-Republicans in Congress cut MILLIONS in embassy security.

-The Obama Administration did not lie to the American people, they simply told us what the intelligence community told them and Congress. The intelligence community was wrong. Now we know. At least we weren’t lied into another war based on false intelligence!

Benghazi is a case of fake outrage and a witch hunt against Hillary Clinton. Why weren’t the Republicans outraged over 9/11/2001? Why weren’t Republicans outraged over the deaths from the unnecessary Iraq war? Why weren’t Republicans outraged over the 13 embassies that were attacked (and 50+ people that died) under George Bush?

The fact is, our embassies will never be 100% secure. We’ve had 20 Accountability Review Boards since 1988 because security overseas is never a perfect science. This is not the first embassy attack, nor will it be the last.

Those who decide to pursue careers in diplomatic work know the risks. Obviously we try to do everything we can to make sure our embassies are secure, but embassy security is NEVER 100%.

In addition, Republicans continue to attack Hillary Clinton by misrepresenting her words and taking them out of context.

Obviously Hillary did not say, "What difference does it make?" in regards to the death of 4 Americans in Benghazi.

If Republicans bothered to look at where this quote came from, they would realize it came from an exchange between Hillary and Senator Ron Johnston.

Mr. Johnston repeatedly asked Hillary why the Obama Administration and Susan Rice said Benghazi began because of a YouTube video (when it could have been easily discovered that was not the case by interviewing the people on the ground).

Hillary explained to Mr. Johnston (repeatedly) that it would have been inappropriate to contact those on the ground before the FBI had conducted their interviews. Hillary continued to explain to Mr. Johnston that at the time of Susan Rice’s statements, her statements did not contradict the intelligence communities talking-points.

But Mr. Johnston would not accept Hillary’s explanation. He continued to imply that the Obama Administration lied and misled the American people.

Hillary, becoming fed up with Mr. Johnston playing politics with a tragedy, said, "What difference, AT THIS POINT, does it make? It is our job to figure out what happened, and do everything we can to prevent it from ever happening again, Senator."

(funny how Republicans always leave out her next sentence)

Hillary’s point was that it doesn’t make any difference what Susan Rice said on a Sunday morning talk show. Focusing on that will not solve the problem. Mr. Johnston was playing politics with a tragedy and Hillary grew impatient with him after she repeatedly tried to explain to him what should be common sense.

I’m sick and tired of seeing this quote misrepresented and taken out of context.

BOTTOM LINE: Hillary Clinton was not found responsible for the Benghazi attacks according to the non-partasian Accountability Review Board, and she implemented all of their recommendations. This is not the first, nor the last, embassy attack that will result in the death of American lives. Remember — we had more people die in embassy attacks during Bush’s Administration.

Several clips of Hillary destroying all those who try to challenge her:


Are Republicans exploiting an American tragedy and faking outrage over Benghazi to hurt Hillary's chances in 2016?

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7%4 votes

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  •  Are you having problems (4+ / 0-)


    When you use all caps it is indicative of shouting.

  •  No. Who cares? (4+ / 0-)

    To give such credence to Republican bullshit as to deem it worthy of discourse, of mention,  as though there was ANY validity whatsoever to their claims,  is to carry their water,  and play on their court by their rules.

    News flash:  There is no scandal.

    It's called not feeding trolls.

    What next?  We have to refute Republican claims the moon is made of green cheese?

    don't always believe what you think

    by claude on Sun Jul 28, 2013 at 09:35:50 PM PDT

  •  Bengoatse is still a thing? (nt) (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:

    Chechnya: Russia's North Carolina.

    by NE2 on Sun Jul 28, 2013 at 11:37:16 PM PDT

  •  Good thing the witnesses have not (0+ / 0-)

    been allowed to talk to anyone.

    less phony outrage that way.

  •  Wrong arguments (0+ / 0-)

    The real argument is that there was absolutely NOTHING that could have been done that night. The nearest US Army base is in northern Italy, about seven hours (and multiple refuelings) via helicopter. The nearest Marine base is even further, in Germany. There were no contingency plans for an invasion of Benghazi. The soldiers would have had to land outside of the city in some clear area they did not know (and that is assuming the Libyans didn't shoot them down first). They then would have to make their way to the CIA compound without maps (did they even know its location)?

    The entire argument shows how dangerous the Republicans will be to American security should they ever get back into power. They are the kind of amateur general who fights was with video game consoles. Real generals don't talk strategy, they talk logistics. And there were no logistics for such a rescue mission. It took TEN DAYS for Reagan to respond to Ghadafi's bombing of the Berlin nightclub, and that response was only an airstrike. I'm sorry the four Americans lost their lives but they are still the ONLY Americans whose lives have been taken as the result of the Libyan Civil War and its aftermath. Any rescue attempt would have been a suicide mission and would have resulted in far higher casualties.

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