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I am writing tonight about a viral video. From the searches I have been able to conduct, I haven’t found any diaries about this. Surely some have posted comments about it, but no search I have conducted have turned them up. If you know of instances where this story was mentioned, let me know and I’ll be delighted to credit and link them. I know the story has appeared on Huffpo (Worth the read, too!).

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Of course, Mick can’t begin to comprehend all that has been done on his behalf. He does not know or care that we blog about him tonight. He is just a puppy, much loved, and enjoying his life with people as all puppies should. You can see from the video (and particularly from the followup video showing Mick's remarkable progress! Which I am linking but not embedding) that he has a fine, brave spirit.

And of course I am just delighted that the little fellow has made such splendid progress! I watched his success with tears in my eyes. But not just because of and for him. Also for the brilliant human beings who fought so hard on his behalf. For those who approached him with determination, resolve and compassion, to tackle the great challenges he was facing. For those who empower him with technology and imagination, with support and encouragement and great love.

It is human beings like these who give me hope, for our country and our world. It is human beings like these who serve as my role models and mentors. With their great fine hearts, and their never-say-die energy and commitment.

And young Mick gives me hope, too, and determination, as he lifts me up. May he lift you a little bit tonight, in the challenges you face.

(For your reference, the human beings who helped Mick perform this miracle manage The Mia Foundation, taking on exceptionally difficult, special needs cases like Mick's on a regular basis.

You can donate and/or volunteer from this page. Please consider lending a hand or sending a donation to this cause!)

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gooderservice flagged this comment by Morgan Sandlin.

BadKitties may not have meant to flag this comment by cactusgal, but we here at TC are very good at our searches :).

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From BeninSC:
Gooserock posted this comment about something witnessed out and about on our highways, found it funny. I am not so sure ...

In this comment, Darryl House flags a favorite line from Aji's New Day diary!

Flagged by sidnora, this comment by gchaucer2 shows how Kossacks prioritize things! (Too bad, George Clooney!)

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