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Hearing someone cry out in distress is difficult for many to endure. When the distress is caused by a gang with badges accountable to no one it is difficult to protect anyone. A judge made an effort to calm a situation that should not have happened.

A homeless man already in restraints was being attacked by police.

The police response, hide the evidence and lie to the district attorney. Shop owners were threatened not to show security footage of the man being attacked. Responsible citizens gathering evidence with their cameras were pushed out of range to hide the misdeeds of the NYPD.

A seventy year old judge was struck in the neck by an officer intent on hiding the criminality of his peers. The ER told the judge he had a crushed larynx. The police who have no medical license told the DA the judge had a sore throat from yelling.

And from what appears to be standard, the video evidence of the misdeeds was not even considered when the NYPD investigated themselves and found no wrongdoing.

    In the 43-page lawsuit, Raffaele claims he went to help a homeless man in the neighborhood who was being attacked by police.

     Raffaele says he heard the handcuffed homeless man pleading with unknown officers, "I beg you please stop, I beg you please stop," while police assaulted him in front of a swelling crowd...

...He claims police arrived and threatened many in the crowd who were filming the attack with cell phones. He says police threatened local shop owners not to provide security footage of the incident.
     An unknown officer "charged up" to the judge, shoved him and then "using a karate chop-like" hit him in the neck, Raffaele says in the complaint.
     He claims police refused to take an official statement from him that he had been attacked, and then tried to hide the unknown officer's identity.
     The judge says he went to the hospital that night and was diagnosed with a crushed larynx.
That homeless man could have been any one of us.

Originally posted to Police Accountability Group on Mon Aug 19, 2013 at 10:17 AM PDT.

Also republished by New York City.

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