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Where on Earth do you come from? Do you know for sure?

This question should be easy to answer, shouldn't it? Well it would be if you have actual proof. Without true proof however, a fair amount of what I've been told about my ancestry is suspect as far as I'm concerned.

I actually don't know about my ancestry or heritage other than I'm Scots on both sides primarily. There has to be a lot more in me than just that. I suppose I could have my DNA tested to let me know just what kind of Heinz 57 I am. Until I do that, I'm left with what I know now.

I've been told verbally by my father that my great grandfather is said to have been married to a Native North American of the Blackfoot tribe. Is this true? If it is I am then 1/16th Blackfoot. The problem is there are no pictures of my great grandfather or his wife. I've seen no birth or death certificates for them. So I really can't claim I'm 1/16th Blackfoot due to no actual proof. My grandfather would never talk about his father or mother. For some reason he was either very embarrassed by them or maybe they were "dead to him" for unknown reasons. My grandfather's dad and mom didn't exist as far as he was concerned. I wonder what could have been so terrible for him to be like that?

I have seen a picture of my grandfather when he was a boy...and a picture of his brother as a middle-aged man. My father has a picture of my great grand uncle (my great grandfather's brother). In that picture he is dressed in his union uniform for Pennsylvania. He died in the Civil War by having had his leg shot off by cannon ball. I do believe that only because of the picture.

I know we are all related far more closely than most folks realize. And I also know our "blood lines" aren't nearly as nice and tidy as we were likely lead to believe. Since the human genome was deciphered, this is clearer than ever. Wouldn't it be cool if we truly knew how closely related we are? It would be a relief, IMO.

Notice how frequently some people villainize others' race or heritage only to find out later they have that same ancestry in them as well. This always cracks me up. It happened with kos and some whack guy several months ago.

Just a couple weeks ago I read a scientific article stating they've discovered most all people in Europe can genetically be traced to small group of common ancestors from only as far back as about 1000 years ago! This really floored them. They didn't expect that. I guess constant warfare causing folks to flee while others move in to dominate, the Dark Ages, plagues killing more than 1/3rd of the population and marrying for the purpose of creating stability of regions and countries creates a lot of mingling of genes.

So I'm really interested in what you know about your heritage...I mean full heritage. It's all quite fascinating to me. I know silks and figgy are really into this stuff too.

A further discussing about my European heritage after the orange New Day cloud below. If that doesn't interest you, then please check out the list of Kossack meatspace happenings that are coming up and join in the comments.

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When my mom was alive, she got interested in finding out where she was from. She did what research she could from what records there were. Then she went to the internet but couldn't afford to pay to really get anything in depth. What she was able to find out primarily was where her family had lived in the USA since they arrived here. She was born in east Texas in the town of Longview. Her family had lived in the Appalachian area of the country, which is pretty standard for those of Scots heritage. She never discovered just where in Scotland her clan lived because the records of folks that lived in Appalachia are basically she couldn't trace her family back to Europe.

My father has absolutely no interest in such shenanigans. When he did ask his father about his family history, my granddad refused to say anything. When granddad died, we found an old locked chest which contained letters he'd received in the 1920's from queries he'd made about this subject. The only thing that was certain is his family could be traced to Paisley, Scotland. He never visited Scotland. The only time he was in Europe was during WWI as a Captain (doctor) in the trenches of France.

We also discovered letters he'd saved from a past love in that trunk. Actually it appears he had that relationship when he was in WWI and kept in touch with that women...but kept that secret from my grandmother whom he didn't marry until the mid-1920's. So it wasn't an least not in the Biblical sense...just one of the heart. The last letter he received from her was from 1931.

I never met my paternal grandmother as she died from a brain aneurysm three years before I was born.

From my last name alone, I can figure out the area of Scotland those with my surname lived back in the day. Clans in Scotland were beholden to a more dominant clan that ruled an area. And they were beholden to an even more dominant clan higher up the food chain. That's just the way it Matryoshka dolls (those Russian nesting dolls inside bigger dolls).

From Wikipedia:

The word clan is derived from the Gaelic word clanna, meaning children. However the need for proved descent from a common ancestor related to the chiefly house is too restrictive. Clans developed a territory based on the native men who came to accept the authority of the dominant group in the vicinity. A clan also included a large group of loosely-related septs – dependent families - all of whom looked to the clan chief as their head and their protector.
My mom's maiden name is MacBrayer...a derivative from Clan MacBrayne which, farther back in history comes from Clan Mac a' Bhriuthainn (cripes...anyone know how to pronounce that?) My father's last name is Struthers...a derivative of Strother. Likely both my mother's and father's ancestors came from lesser sub-groups to the more dominant clans for which they are named. Another thing that kept happening as history rolled along, is the lands that once belonged to a clan were either taken by another clan OR simply given away by Kings to other clans. The whole clan thing gets seriously convoluted and weird...pretty hard to follow through history really with the exception of the extremely dominant clans.

I am going to give a brief history of Scotland for a very basic understanding of how it came into being as a country and not just a bunch of tribal clans dotting the landscape. The history of Scotland is interesting as is the history of every place really. Here is my bastardized don't take what I'm about to write to be the exact history of Scotland...OK? It's just to give you a very general idea of how things went.

There were a bunch of DFH's called Picts that lived in eastern and northern Scotland. There were more civilized folks that lived in western and southern Scotland in an area called Dalraida mainly along the western coastal region. Even among clans there was differentiation between the more crude thug-types and those becoming more sophisticated at least in terms of overall organization, the use of seagoing ships and the warfare tactics employed.

The top picture below shows the Pict Kingdoms. The middle picture below shows Dalraida. At Dalraida's peak of power (in the 600's and 700's) they ruled a chunk of northeastern Ireland as well as southwestern Scotland which you can see in the bottom picture below. There were monasteries throughout the region at this time rich with gold and treasure.


The Picts were fairly disorganized in terms of being coordinated fighters as a large group. They made amazing jewelry and carved stones. Clans would join together to fight a common enemy, then go back to infighting among themselves. This was actually the basic history of the Celts of whom the Gaelic were a part. They say the Celts had the potential to rule Europe every bit as much as the Romans eventually did, had they not spent all their time infighting among their various tribes and clans. Squabbling like that all the time really ruins empire building you know...esp. when you have very organized and militarily advanced Romans coming at you from the south and east.

The light green area in the picture below shows the extent of the Celts control over Europe and a tad of the Mid East at around 275 BC. The other colors within the light green area shows some of the different languages spoken such as Gaelic (darker green colors) and Germanic (yellow).


In what was to later become Scotland, people of Dalraida were more uniformly organized than the Picts. They had more of a kingdom-thing going on overall. They were also a seagoing people having reign over a bunch of islands. Picts also had boats, but that wasn't their thing really for the most part. They were the tough scrabble you find in the highlands and the harsh low lands vs. the nicer western coastal areas. For the most part the Picts were a pain in the ass to the folks of Dalraida who viewed them as a bunch of more uncivilized know DFH's.

Vikings invaded the western coast of Scotland in 793 AD to plunder the easy pickings from the monasteries as they'd done in Ireland. That's what Vikings did...plunder and fight. They were incredibly fierce because they were generally larger than other people in Europe AND they had no fear of dying. Their religion taught them the greatest honor was to die in battle (Klingons?). Viking are from Norway, of course. They are named for the word "vik" which is the Norse word for bay. And they were experts at navigating bays with their long ships that were far superior to any vessels anywhere else in Europe at the time.

Why did the Vikings attack Scotland's west coast you ask, since Norway is to the northeast? Because they came from Iceland which they'd settled before, that's why. By the end of the 800's Vikings came to Scotland to make settlements. There are Scot's clans that can trace their roots to intermarriage between Vikings and Scots such as Clan Gunn, Clan MacDonald, Clan McLeod, Clan MacQueen and Clan MacAulay.

Eventually Dalraida itself disappeared as the amalgamation of Norse Vikings and Dalraidans became the dominant group in time. The Pict Kingdoms disappeared too as a united Scotland took hold. You can check out Wikipedia and other sites if you really have interest in more detailed info about how Scotland came into being. It's kinda of a mess to be honest.

WELL, my ancestors on my father's side were from the part of Scotland that was part of the Pict Kingdoms in the southeast area of Scotland. Struthers means "a person who lives near swamps overgrown with brambles" (poor bastards). The precise area Struthers are from was known as Alba (you can see that area on one of the pictures above). Alba is the Gaelic word for Scotland. Well, I guess you can't get more Scots than that. What consolidated this part of the Pict Kingdoms into Alba was a response to Roman imperialism. The specific town associated with Struthers is Fife, Scotland.

Tell me about your family's ancestry

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• Late lunch and refreshments:
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• Moral Monday Protest at Charlotte's Marshall Park at 5:00 PM:
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Friday, October 25th

LAKossacks & SoCal Inland Empire See Lewis Black!

TIME: 9:00 PM
LOCATION: Agua Caliente Casino Resort & Spa
32-250 Bob Hope Dr. • Rancho Mirage

ORGANIZER: Send 714day a kosmail to attend.

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Friday, October 25th

Meet the Daily Kos Editorial Staff!

TIME: TBD in the  PM
Address given privately to RSVP'ers • Berkeley

ORGANIZER: Send navajo a kosmail to attend.
You will need to bring Potluck. Stay tuned for assignments.

1. Markos
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5. Will Rockafellow
    and many more staff... stay tuned
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andrew mcguire
Saturday, November 2nd

SFKossacks BBQ in the Wine Country

LOCATION: Andrew McGuire's home in the Wine Country
Address to be given privately to RSVPs • Windsor

ORGANIZER: Send navajo a kosmail to attend.

Andrew McGuire is Executive Director of California One Care

1. Andrew McGuire
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Glen The Plumber


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