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Have you taken a side on the Richard III story? Innocent or guilty?
How much were teeth worth (apiece) back in the days that the tooth fairy still visited you?
Did your parents give you an allowance? How much? Did you spend it all on candy like me, or were you wiser in your purchases?
What punctuation mark or marks do you have the most difficulty with?

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On This Day

In 1485, English king Richard III was killed at the Battle of Bosworth Field. His body was only found and identified this year.

In 1642, the English Civil War officially began, though it had been going on at a small level for most of that year.

In 1848, New Mexico was annexed by the United States.

In 1864, the first 12 nations signed the first Geneva Convention. It started with the foundation of the Red Cross to provide humanitarian aid on battlefields with neutrality, and grew from there with subsequent amendments.

In 1902, Teddy Roosevelt became the first President to ride in a car. This is also the date Cadillac was founded. Coincidence?

In 1970, Derek and the Dominoes began recording their only studio album.

In 1972, Rhodesia was kicked out of the IOC (International Olympic Committee) for its racist policies.

In 1996, President Clinton signed welfare "reform" (a major component in the Republican Party's Contract for on America) into law.

Born on This Day

1647 – Denis Papin, French physicist, mathematician, and inventor, developed pressure cooking (d. 1712)

1648 - Gerard Hoet I, Dutch painter (d. 1733)

 photo GerardHoetI.jpg

1760 – Pope Leo XII (d. 1829)

1798 - François-Antoine Bossuet, Belgian painter (d. 1889)

 photo Franccedilois-AntoineBossuet.jpg

1834 – Samuel Pierpont Langley, American astronomer (d. 1906)

1836 – Archibald Willard, American painter (d. 1918)

 photo ArchibaldWillard.jpg

1845 - Julius von Blaas, Austrian painter (d. 1922)

 photo JuliusvonBlaas.jpg

1862 – Claude Debussy, French composer (d. 1918)

1879 - Valentin de Zubiaurre, Basque painter (d. 1963)

 photo ValentindeZubiaurre.jpg

1880 – George Herriman, American cartoonist (d. 1944)

1893 – Dorothy Parker, American poet and writer (d. 1967)

1897 - Elisabeth Bergner, Austro-Hungarian actress (d. 1986) See Tipple Jar

1898 - Francine Larrimore, French born American actess (d. 1975)

1902 – Leni Riefenstahl, German director (d. 2003)

1909 – Lucille Ricksen, American actress (d. 1925)

1917 – John Lee Hooker, American singer-songwriter and guitarist (d. 2001)

1920 – Ray Bradbury, American author (d. 2012)

1922 – Micheline Presle, French actress

1925 – Honor Blackman, English actress

1934 – Norman Schwarzkopf, Jr., American general (d. 2012)

1935 – Annie Proulx, American author

1936 – Chuck Brown, American singer-songwriter, guitarist, and producer (d. 2012)

1947 – Donna Jean Godchaux, American singer (Grateful Dead, Heart of Gold Band, and Jerry Garcia Band)

1947 – Cindy Williams, American actress

1950 – Scooter Libby, American lawyer and political adviser

1952 – Peter Laughner, American singer-songwriter and guitarist (Rocket from the Tombs and Pere Ubu) (d. 1977)

1958 – Vernon Reid, American guitarist and songwriter (Living Colour)

1961 – Roland Orzabal, English singer-songwriter, musician, and producer (Tears for Fears and Graduate)

1961 – Debbi Peterson, American singer and drummer (The Bangles and Kindred Spirit)

1963 – Tori Amos, American singer-songwriter and producer (Y Kant Tori Read)

1967 – Layne Staley, American singer-songwriter (Alice in Chains and Class of '99) (d. 2002)

1968 – Rich Lowry, American columnist and editor who was personally winked at by the sparkly and mesmerizing Sarah Palin. :::gag:::

1970 – Giada De Laurentiis, Italian-American chef and author

1971 – Richard Armitage, English actor

1971 – Craig Finn, American singer-songwriter and guitarist (The Hold Steady and Lifter Puller)

1978 – Jeff Stinco, Canadian guitarist (Simple Plan)

1978 – Robert Levon Been, American musician (Black Rebel Motorcycle Club)

1985 – Luke Russert, American nepotism beneficiary

Died on This Day

1241 – Pope Gregory IX, (b. 1143)

1280 – Pope Nicholas III (b. 1216)

1680 – John George II, Elector of Saxony (b. 1613)

1789 - Johann Heinrich Tischbein (the elder), German painter (b. 1722)

 photo JohannHeinrichTischbein.jpg

1793 – Louis de Noailles, French marshal (b. 1713)

1806 – Jean-Honoré Fragonard, French painter (b. 1732)

 photo Jean-HonoreacuteFragonard.jpg

1875 - Karel Ferdinand Venneman, Flemish painter (b. 1802)

 photo KarelFerdinandVenneman.jpg

1898 - Félicien Rops, Belgian artist (b. 1833)

 photo FeacutelicienRops.jpg

1904 – Kate Chopin, American author (b. 1850)

1914 - James Dickson Innes, British painter (b. 1887)

1917 - Matthis Maris, Dutch painter born (b. 1839)

1920 - Anders Zorn, Swedish painter (b. 1860)

 photo AndersZorn.jpg

1922 – Michael Collins, Irish revolutionary leader (b. 1890)

1942 – Michel Fokine, Russian dancer and choreographer (b. 1880)

1964 - Helena Makowska, Russian actress (b. 1893)

1967 - Junie Astor, French actress (b. 1911)

1973 – Louise Huff, American actress (b. 1895)

1977 – Sebastian Cabot, English actor (b. 1918)

1978 – Jomo Kenyatta, Kenyan politician, 1st President of Kenya (b. 1894)

1989 – Huey P. Newton, American activist, co-founder of the Black Panther Party (b. 1942)

2011 – Nick Ashford, American singer-songwriter and producer (Ashford & Simpson) (b. 1942)

2011 – Jerry Leiber, American songwriter (b. 1933)

Today is

National Be an Angel Day
National Punctuation Day
National Tooth Fairy Day
National Eat a Peach Day
National Pecan Torte Day

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