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So, Ol Diz was having a "chat" with someone here about ya know, doing stuff as opposed to ranting about it, 'cause it seems to Ol' Diz that there's been an awful lot o' cryin' and not much doin' 'round here lately.  And that's where Ol' Diz came up with some MATH!

Nothin' fancy, just some good ol' country 'rithmetic.  

So, here's the test:  Look at when you joined, add the days for the rest of that year, then add 365 for each full year you have been registered and then add 235 for this year.  Divide that number into the total number of comments you have made.  What's your average?

Examplin':  Ol' Diz joined on October 3, 2006.  That's 89 days for the rest of 2006, then 365 x 6 plus 235 for this year, equalin' 2514 days.  Made 4059 comments (not includin' this here diary, 'course), givin' Ol' Diz 1.6 comments per day.  

I disappear for large amounts o' time, and make it up in diaries or on days when The Wife is Elsewhere and I got some time on mah hands.

But what's too much?  10/day?  20? 30?  

If you are here for that much time, what the heck are you doin' with your life?

'Course, some of you may be just checkin' in and not commentin', 'cause you Like To Watch.  Guess you might get your jollies from that.  In the Country, that's what sheep are for...just sayin'

So, do the math and see what you get...might be a time for a DK vacation or sumthin'...

3:09 PM PT: Hey!  Let's do the math for Kos!  Lessee...joined 10/11/2003, so that's 81+(365 x 9)+235=3601 days.  Divide that into 13,492= 3.75 comments per day.  If you are commenting at a faster rate than the site owner, you might have a problem...

3:46 PM PT: How about Meteor Blades?  Do you comment more than him?  Lessee: joined 10/13/2003, so 79+(365x9)+235=3599 days.  Divide into 76,500 comments (dude, you need to get a life!) and that's 21 and change comments per day.  



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