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Not of Obama, and not of his decisions as regards Syria.

Just stop it, OK?

Full disclosure: I'm a wage slave for a defense contractor, although I'm currently working NASA stuff.

Now, if you want to argue that collectively, corporations have too much power in the US I'm in complete agreement.

If you want to argue that among the corporations which have too much power are the defense contractors, again, complete agreement.

If you try to tell me, though, that Lockheed Martin and Boeing and General Dynamics and their industrial kin can decide they want a war and therefore a war occurs, you are delusional.

Defense Contractors are not particularly influential

Consider this from Open Secrets:

The defense contractors, as a group, are #13. Their total donations of $28M represent 4% of what the financial, insurance, and real estate companies give.

Four percent - 1/25th.

If Lloyd Blankfein of Goldman Sachs and Marilyn Henson of Lockheed Martin both dial the White House asking to speak to the President, Lloyd's call is going through and Marilyn is getting put on hold. To say nothing of Jamie Dimon of Chase, Obama's buddy.

More below the Orange Squiggle of Power.

The benefits to the Defense Industry of an air strike would be minimal

Consider Table A-6 of the Defense budget. The total dollar amount for procurement (buying weapons) is $99B.

Which is a lot of money.

The cost of a 500 pound laser guided bomb is $19,000. A full load for a B-2 bomber is 40,000 pounds, or 80 such bombs.

Dropping 10 B-2 bomb loads, which would be a pretty big air strike, would therefore result in 800*$19,000 = $15,200,000 worth of bombs being purchased, plus some aviation fuel and what have you.

Or 0.02% of the defense procurement budget - a drop in the bucket, not even worth mentioning in the annual report for the builders of these bombs, Lockheed Martin and Raytheon.

If cruise missiles are used rather than bombs that adds to the cost - but even if it's an order of magnitude more, you're still talking insignificant noise compared to the whole procurement budget.

The stock market as a whole doesn't like this Syria business

Yahoo Finance Summary
August 27, 2013: U.S. markets opened lower Tuesday morning with worries over possible U.S. actions in Syria weighing prices down all day.
The composite index for defense stocks is down 1.5% over the last 5 days - the Masters of the Universe don't think any big flow of money is headed their way, and I can assure you their sources of information about what's happening in the White House are better than yours are, unless your name is Bo Obama.

If your name IS Bo Obama, good boy! Go play with Sunny instead of wasting your time reading my blog!

Just stop it

If you want to oppose intervention in Syria I agree with you, but please do it for a reason that makes sense. The idea that there's some motivation to strike into Syria so that the MIC can make big bucks does not comport with reality. The idea that the MIC controls Obama is likewise nonsense - no matter how cynical you are about BHO, the MIC would have to get in line behind a whole lot of other players. It is important to remember that the interests of Big Corporations don't always align with each other, and in this case, whatever benefit the MIC might gain from a war is counter-balanced by the fact that the stock market doesn't like uncertainty. And as shown above, if Big Banking is a little upset, that means Big Defense will be told to sit down and shut up.
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