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Screenshot of piece by Brent Bozell:
The tawdry sexual dancing of Miley Cyrus on the 2013 edition of MTV's Video Music Awards has been denounced by nearly everyone -- conservatives, liberals and libertines (who flunked it for lacking "hotness"). That theme is exhausted. Let's shift the discussion back to where it belongs: the cultural cesspool that is MTV.

Every year, MTV prepares sleazy awards show stunts like this to acquire buzz for itself. There's Madonna and Britney Spears having a long onstage kiss, Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis grabbing each other's private parts on stage and Sacha Baron Cohen "accidentally" hanging upside down with his bare buttocks exposed right in the face of the rapper Eminem.

Pass the smelling salts! Actually, I find none of the above particularly outrageous. But then again, I haven't made a career out of getting the vapors every time a female performer takes the stage with a bra/bikini top.

But wingnuts are wingnuts, and there's nothing worse than a woman expressing her sexuality on stage, as you'll see below the fold.

Things have been headed this way for a couple of decades.

To me, the shark was jumped when Hustler's Larry Flynt became some sort of "champion of liberty," having a movie made about his fight for "freedom of expression" starring that paragon of the dramatic arts, Woody Haralson.

When a substantial portion of the creative community in your society makes a hero of a man who molested his daughter and profited from publishing the most debased filth imaginable in human history, you got trouble in River City.

Weird how the wingnut Constitution only has one Amendment in it.
What's really a shame here is that Miley is burning out her brand. She had so much potential as a young woman in the next phase of her career having outgrown Hannah Montana, & she's squandering it on this unimaginative raunch-romp that's not going to last, but will probably make it difficult for her to move on to a "serious" entertainment vocation later. I have to wonder who's advising & handling her, & what qualifications & motivations this person has .

Remember what Janet Jackson's little stunt did for her career? Not much, right? I think I speak for many when I say I was disappointed as I'd thought she had more class than that. I think Miley is spoiling her brand at less than half the age Janet did.

Miley Cyrus' publicists are high-fiving each other after the MTV music awards. If only they knew as much as wingnut prudes who have guided such stellar music careers as ... Marie Osmond?
At least Miley knows she is a sinner. Brent Bozell does not. Priebus, and the Bozell's of this world, have made back-door deals with corporate money-prostitutes to sell Amnesty and cut other devilish deals."
You forgot Benghazi.
[In response to the above:] Have you lost what's left of your mind? Your comments are bordering on the insane. Brent Bozell covers media bias, Hollywood and the entertainment industry. And you have no right to sit in judgement on anyone's soul, least of all Brent Bozell, who has done more for the conservative cause AND Christendom than a little pipsqueak named "Carlos_7" has EVER done or will ever do.
Only Brent Bozell can sit in judgement of someone's soul.
People still watch MTV? Who knew?
Apparently not people who get all their information from Fox News.
I'm sorry; I can't help it. It is a terrible thought, I know.
Whenever I see that photo of Miley Cyrus grimacing with her tongue sticking out sideways, I wish somebody would catch her with a swift uppercut under the chin to cause her choppers to slam shut and sever that tongue.
The Taliban approves.
They are going to "shock" themselves into irrelevency. There is a point that nothing shocks sexually. It then turns to violence. Just look at history. There are truely 2 Americas and we, the side of decency needs to divorce ourselves from those swill pigs of culture. By that I mean we become EXTREEMELY politially active, calling, emailing politicians, getting on school boards, etc. Also, get your kids OUT of mainstream public ed. And for GOD'S sake, stop paying for mainstream colleges!! We still have the power, it's just that we give it to them every stinking day. Look for more conservative businesses and support them. Go to movies that are decent and respect our country's values. there's so much to do. We need to stop being so passive! Myself most absolutely included.
Remember when Madonna started shooting people up? Me neither.
I watched about three minutes of it to see what all the fuss was about and I felt like my soul needed a shower.
A cold shower?
I may not watch it, but the neighbor teen may watch it and get ideas of what girls think about sex and decide to try them out on my daughter, who had not watched cable ... [W]e don't live in a bubble, but we live in a world where we interact with other people, who may make different choices on watching cable than me. I can't always protect my daughter from people who do watch cable.
Of all the things to protect our children from ... people who watch cable?
Miley has risen to trailer trash status. Good for her.
... isn't that the GOP base?
That is so very sad.
"The Hard Times of R.J. Berger", made it through two seasons before being cancelled. Yet Firefly only was on for a single season, and was 10 orders of magnitude better writing, actings, and effects.
Almost bad enough to make you want to become a fundamentalist Muslim.
What the--?
Look at the picture above. What is more troubling, the moral reproach on stage exposing the core essence of her being to the world OR the undiscerning junior relativists below contemplating her message?
The most troubling is Townhall using that picture, to drive pageviews, while at the same time tsk tsk'ing it. Actually, not troubling. Hilarious.
To understand MTV's programming you only have to understand MTV's audience. They're just feeding swill to pigs...,and charging them for it.
The irony here is that I actually find MTV programming to be horrendously bad. My 20-year-old niece living with us has it on all the time, and I sit in the background mocking her shows a la MST 3K. But ... it's candy for the younger set. They'll outgrow it with time, and it's pretty harmless stuff. But to call the network's audience "pigs", there a reason the GOP is losing young voters big time.
Tawdry? Man, call it like it was - plain old white trash raunchy.
Seriously, who do these people think makes up the Tea Party?
This Cyrus show was really just the logical consequence of show biz trying to appeal to as wide a demographic as possible: a presentation that no one can really stomach. No one with a healthy mind can stomach watching seperate things all put together that by themselves could only appeal to children, black people, slutty people, obese people, and x-rated movie watchers, all at the same time.

However the trash of this degenerating society may have appreciated her role, it is more important to note that Miley Cyrus obviously has lost her mind and recently has been on drugs, will have a very miserable future, due to her decision to act in the way she has here, and it is even more important to stop and take note of what mentally deficient degenerates put together the whole show we are speaking of here.

Once again, Bozell doesn't get far beyond just a face value assessment of what he writes about.

Bozell is a RINO because he didn't make up stuff about Cyrus being on drugs and crazy, and how she faces a grim future because she was the most successful act of the night and her music is selling like crazy.
MTV Modus Operandi:

Whatever is good or lovely, or wholesome, or pure or family-oriented, let's stomp on that and turn it as raunchy as we can.

That Miley would succumb is disappointing. And sad.

MTV is not making a statement about Miley.

MTV is stomping on and ripping to shreds about what Hannah Montana used to represent.

Isn't it horrendous that Cyrus is no longer 14 and the star of a show as vapid as anything MTV airs?
And media access makes these things ready to go viral so your kid can see them?

That discussion you had at dinner last night?

Out the window because your children's friends are passing the video around.

Was that discussion about how you'll go to hell because baby Jesus is crying about the MTV music awards? If so, then yeah. Out the window.
Appealing to the lowest common denominator is hardly avant-garde. Behaving like a prostitute in public, trying to arouse a particularly indolent John is hardly entertainment. Women like Miley Cyrus and the countless others who have gone before and those who will undoubtedly come after her, set women back. This is the real war on women.
Got that ladies? Better bust out your burkahs if you want rights.
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