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On the day we hear from The President and many are calling for a wider look before we take action, I want to point out that Republican leadership was not calling for or demanding a vote on action in Syria before today. And Obama is calling their bluff.

Given the record of OPPOSING THIS PRESIDENT by the current R congress, some might assume Obama would be eager to rush into Syria to avoid the British Outcome, Cameron's wounds still being tender at Downing.

But that would be wrong.

In fact, it's clear that Obama wants a vote from Congress not just because he doesn't want to be sole proprietor, or because he knows it is their responsibility, but because he knows the votes are actually there. And he wants them to finally put their money where their mouths are on security issues, and because he wants them to take a vote on what they are already saying behind the scenes, on radio, and on TV.

Republicans (and some Dems) do not want to be SEEN voting on this, they don't want the record if it goes bad.

But make no mistake, Congress is behind this, and has been behind US Syrian policy for a long time.

Make the leap for the rest...

Case in point from the belly of the beast. (warning: WashTimes makes my MacBook feel like it's being attacked to load the page)

There’s a growing sense in Congress that the U.S. should take more steps to arm Syrian rebels in their battle against the regime of President Bashar Assad, regardless of what decision President Obama reaches on whether to conduct military strikes against Damascus.
That is from August 28th 2013. 3 days ago.
WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama has briefed House Speaker John Boehner on Syria in a conversation in which the Republican leader pressed the president to make the case to the nation and Congress for military action.
 ^  This is from HuffPo 2 days ago

And now we know. Obama took them to school again.

Look, I am very ambivalent about all of this. I don't see any clear lines of distinction on this issue. I can't do black and white. I am both for an against this action.

I find it interesting to note what The President just did in boxing in Congress, taking them to the woodshed and coming out with a resolve that is indisputably confident, no matter what your position on impending action.

I wish us all the best. May we find peace and security are not mutually exclusive, worldwide.

12:04 PM PT: How about that Pete King saying Obama shouldn't be calling for a vote because it weakens future presidents?

Little tantrum there, doncha think?

12:54 PM PT: And Ted Cruz says he is pleased The President listened to him and decided to come to Congress. Give me a break

1:09 PM PT: And here is the crux of how they intend this to work:

Syrian Rebels Planning Attacks To Exploit U.S. Strike


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