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You remember this guy.  He's the "chief" of a one-man police force in the town of Gilberton, PA who made a series of YouTube videos loaded with swearing, lots of gunfire, and liberal use of the term "libtard" - in both the singular and plural varieties.

The guy is one of those "around the bend" gun nuts who thinks that Obama is going to take his guns (The Preciousssss!) from him any day now.

A month ago, he was suspended from duty without pay for one month for taking weapons that were the property of his employer (the Borough of Gilberton, PA) and using them to fire a few hundred rounds in his YouTube videos.  Still no word on whose ammo he tore through - theirs or his own - but I have my suspicions.

A few days ago, Chief Kessler made another video in which he threatens the Vice President of the Gilberton Borough Council, one Eric Boxer.  In fact, xxdr zombiexx wrote a diary about this event just a few days ago.  In this new video, Kessler shoots up a target with an AK-47.  How lovely!

Well, the Borough Council has responded.  Let's check it out, shall we?

In this article by The Morning Call (published in Allentown, PA), it seems that the Gilberton Borough Council - along with the mayor - thought that perhaps Mr. Kessler went a bit too far with this one.

In a special meeting called the day before Kessler's original suspension was to have ended, the council extended the suspension indefinitely.

From the linked article:

Gilberton police Chief Mark Kessler, whose 30-day suspension for firing the borough's guns in profanity-laced YouTube videos was set to expire Saturday, Aug. 31, will remain off duty for now.

At a special Borough Council meeting Friday night, council members voted to extend the suspension indefinitely until Kessler and his lawyer, Joseph Nahas, can meet with them behind closed doors.

But this is the part I like best:
Gene Stilp, an activist from Dauphin County, was among a half-dozen people who showed up at the meeting. He handed out copies of complaints he filed about Kessler to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives; the FBI; the Pennsylvania attorney general's office; and the Schuylkill County district attorney's office.

In a packet of complaints he handed out at the meeting, Stilp quotes himself saying, "When violence and intimidation hide behind the First and Second Amendments, it must be rooted out."

The advocacy group Keystone Progress has sought Kessler's firing and organized an online petition that has received 23,000 signatures calling for the chief's ouster, which it brought to the meeting where Kessler's suspension was announced.

And just to confirm the level of crazy that Kessler and his followers embody:
Posts in the last 24 hours on Kessler's Facebook page were calling for violent actions, such as "Fire bomb their offices" and "EXECUTE TYRANTS!"
Gun nut goes round the bend and is probably going to lose his job for it.  He doesn't belong in uniform anyway.

Originally posted to Celtic Merlin's Cauldron on Sun Sep 01, 2013 at 12:16 AM PDT.

Also republished by Repeal or Amend the Second Amendment (RASA), DKos Pennsylvania, Police Accountability Group, Shut Down the NRA, and notRKBA.

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