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 photo papahirtearliest_zps262f1eeb.jpg  photo margueriteearliest1886_zps5a18e2ea.jpg
Further below is a sampling of the postcards sent to my Swiss immigrant great grandparents (shown in the photos above) and their children in the U.S. from their relatives in Switzerland between 1902 and 1928.

All are in French. Some translations were provided by a cousin, some by me via Google Translate, as best as I could make out. Feel free to correct me. I won't mind.

A little background-- L'autre Mama (the other mama) had at least two brothers who lived in Switzerland, Alois and Paul. There is also a Henri, but I'm not sure if that's another brother or Paul's middle name because their father was Paul Henri. Her family was from Sainte-Croix, though it appears that Paul lived in Lausanne. Two of L'autre Mama's siblings also immigrated to the U.S.

Papa had three siblings: Olga, Georges, and Fritz. I was told one of his brothers also immigrated here, but I never found out who. His father and sister lived in La Brevine, aka Swiss Siberia.

In a card dated 1942, Paul explained that it took 3 months for a letter to reach its destination, so that was why most of the correspondences were through postcards.

Hope you enjoy the postcards. You can click on anyone of them and it'll take you to my photobucket account, and while there you can see bigger pictures in a slide show format. There are a number of cards there that I didn't include in this diary.






 photo 60e81b17-973c-4b8b-ad47-7a53232f1e20_zps8ae50361.jpgSte Croix Dec 25, 1902 Dear Sister, Best wishes for the New Year for you, your husband, and your children. Our best wishes for happiness and health. Kisses for all the family, Alois G--
 photo 5430cc00-b269-4de1-b418-455fa3c5ce02_zps2330334c.jpg 1905 My dear niece (Yvonne), ??? to your whole family and a kiss from your uncle. Next time I will write to Lily. Alois
 photo e5078965-5ec1-45d0-a7e9-1bc495237246_zps736b539f.jpg 1907 My dears, just a few words to let you know of the upcoming wedding that will take place on  Nov. 2nd. Greetings from the whole family and those of the house. Alois

A more recent picture of Beau-Rivage here. It's still standing!
 photo 2ea258fb-060a-4c48-a011-1adf9dec84b3_zpse45a838f.jpgDear children, I have not been able to write you, but you have not been forgotten. Uncle Henri.

An official card commemorating the first 100 years of canton Vaud, 1803-1903, but it is postmarked 1907.

 photo 0404cccf-c2c0-4525-982c-769fb739bd02_zps6136892f.jpgFront: Winter at Ste. Croix. Back of card: Best wishes for the new year. I have the pleasure to announce the birth of a little girl on December 29th, 1908. Greetings to the whole family. Alois
 photo da79d211-5c1a-42ae-9025-aef390e816c9_zps7d4e9b25.jpgTop of card: Home of grandpapa and Aunt Olga. (father and sister of my Papa). You can see dashed lines pointing down to the house, or rather, to a window.

Bottom, best I can make out is: To my little Yvonne and (her) brothers and sisters, from your Swiss aunt who often thinks of you. 1909
 photo yvonnehirtspostcardfromgrandfather1913front_zps85a758ec.jpgFront: Too much water at La Brevine. Back: It is with great pleasure that I have received your card. A big thank you from my heart. At your convenience, can you give me more detailed news about what you are doing? your grandfather (Papa's father)
3 May 1913
 photo postcardsfromlautremamahirtssisterinlaw191213_zpscd7d7489.jpg My dears, I learn at this time that Paul has not written to you about the death of the father. I'll write you during the next few days to give the details. I have been in bed for six weeks, so you see, I have not been exempt. I send you the family photo. Greetings, Alois May 1914
 photo lautremamaspostcardfrompaul1928front_zps05d4a15f.jpg 20 Dec 1928 Lausanne- To all the family, best wishes for the new year. Paul
 photo lautremamahirtsnewyearscard1929front_zps4b5a500b.jpg 24 Dec 1928 Untranslated- a postcard from L'autre Mama's Uncle Ulysee in Celigny, Switzerland.
 photo e584ebe1-6b36-4adf-8638-a28cfb489010_zpsbd0c9d16.jpg This is a lovely card, but I'm more interested in what is written on the side. Aamille? G--.
There are a few more postcards from Alois- mostly Greetings for the New Year, but they are starting to become more scarce. It appears L'autre Mama's last card from Alois was in 1931, and from Paul in 1942. She passed away in 1946.

There are also a handful of letters, but none of them were translated. A quick review shows a few were Papa's financial dealings in Switzerland, one was about the death of Papa's father, and I couldn't really figure out the letter from Tante Olga, but I did discern the names and addresses of her children.

Originally posted to Genealogy and Family History Community on Fri Sep 06, 2013 at 09:05 AM PDT.

Also republished by Kitchen Table Kibitzing.

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