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Some people have pointed out that I've been wrong in past predictions, and I want to add one more to that list: I've been arguing for quite some time that the decision to launch an illegal war of aggression against Syria has been made long ago, and that what we are witnessing right now is some sort of Kabuki Theater.  That this situation is just a continuation of the neocons dream, "all of whom firmly believed that the United States, with its staggering military advantage and lack of enemies, now had an unparalleled opportunity to control and reorganize the planet."

I've argued that what we are witnessing is part of a larger plan that includes provoking a war with Iran as well; that there are hidden geopolitical reasons this thing is going to happen, and that we the people are not privy of those reasons.

Given the increasingly bizarre nature of officials pronouncements by the administration in trying to justify this illegal war of aggression against Syria, and given background information about a supposed "policy coup" reported by Gen. Wesley Clark in 2007, and other material, those are the conclusions I've reached; that's my informed subjective opinion about what I'm observing.  I want to be so wrong about it.

When Obama said he was going to put the matter for a vote in Congress, I got a little hopeful that I may end up being wrong after all--gladly so.

But now, I'm again thinking that this thing has been preordained, a policy decision that has already been made--long ago.

Howard Fineman is reporting in The Huffington Post that Secretary of State John Kerry stated that president Obama can attack Syria regardless how Congress votes in the matter.

“Constitutionally, every president, Republican and Democrat alike, has always reserved to the presidency, to the commander-in-chief of the armed forces, the right to make a decision with respect to American security,” Kerry said during an interview in his State Department reception room on Thursday.

“Bill Clinton went to Kosovo over the objections of many people and saved lives and managed to make peace because he did something that was critical at the time. Many presidents have done that. Reagan did it. Bush did it. A lot of presidents have made a decision that they have to protect the nation.

“Now. I can’t tell you what judgment the president will make if, in three weeks, Bashar Assad uses chemical weapons again. But the president reserves the right in the presidency to respond as appropriate to protect the security of our nation.”

The emphasis is mine

So even now, when questions remains about whether it was Assad himself who ordered the previous chemical attack(s), or a renegade general, or the rebels themselves, all it would take is for another attack to happen to justify attacking the country, without really having proof of who did it.

Here's what I'm hoping: I'm hoping that we all (people against launching an illegal war of aggression against Syria) keep the pressure up on the Senate and the House to make sure the war resolution is roundly defeated, and I hope that after that happens that the president acts accordingly.

But if that doesn't happen; if the president decides to move ahead an attack Syria (unprovoked) against the wishes of the vast majority of the American people and the world, I think we'll be crossing a very dangerous line (keeping with the red line analogy).

This will be shocking to the people here in this country; it could precipitate Impeachment proceedings.  It could enrage/alarm many countries in the world who would see us as a rogue nation that not only has established a total-information-awareness surveillance system at a global scale, but that runs roughshod of international norms.  It would be seen as an audacious power-play.  

I don't get it... Why take it to Congress to begin with?  Is it all a farce?  These pronouncement, especially coming from John Kerry (what happened to him?) are very worrisome indeed.

Here's Gen. Wesley Clark sharing some insights (in 2007) about a decades-old foreign policy coup:

P.S. I welcome spirited debate about this topic, and I'm especially interested in hearing from people who do not agree with my position.  However, I will not engage in discussion with people who write personal insults, or engage in disruptive behavior.  I ask other serious people to do the same.  To learn more about this subject, please visit the following links: New Community Guidelines / The 15 Rules of Web Disruption / Thirteen Rules for Truth Suppression / Disinformation: How It Works.

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