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While the worst Mayor in America, Oakland Mayor Jean Quan, works to build her PR as she continues to screw up the city, San Francisco State University Political Science & Speech Professor and local Bay Area Political Analyst Joe Tuman is working to build up his 2014 campaign for Mayor.

Based on his decision to run early versus in the 2010 campaign season, where he came into the race late, it seems the early decision is paying off.  Tuman is enlisting the help of The Next Generation, an Oakland-based Firm, in order to better manage his campaign.

Something worth noting:  This consulting firm specializes in progressive and environmental causes in the Bay Area and in California.

Press Release Below:

PRESS RELEASE: Oakland Mayoral Candidate Joe Tuman Retains Powerhouse Oakland Campaign Firm to Manage Campaign
September 9, 2013 at 11:37am
September 9, 2013

Contact:   Doug Linney, (510) 290-9910
               Noah Finneburgh, (510) 289-0908

Oakland Mayoral Candidate Joe Tuman Retains Powerhouse
Oakland Campaign Firm to Manage Campaign

The Team at The Next Generation Has Elected
Half the Oakland City Council and the City Attorney

(Oakland, CA)—Today, candidate for Oakland Mayor Joe Tuman announced he has retained the Oakland-based campaign consulting firm The Next Generation to manage his 2014 campaign.

The firm, headed by Doug Linney, has elected half of the current Oakland City Council, as well as City Attorney Barbara Parker.

“I am thrilled to be joining forces with The Next Generation in my campaign for Mayor of Oakland,” says Tuman, a longtime community leader and Chair of the SF State Department of Communications. “This team knows Oakland, and they have a stellar record of helping good Oakland candidates win.”

“Oakland is in big trouble and we need a change,” says Doug Linney, President and Founder of The Next Generation. “Joe Tuman is a highly qualified candidate, with the leadership qualities, independence, and vision we need to help turn Oakland around and lead this city in a new direction.”

Founded in 1996, The Next Generation is a political consulting firm based in Oakland, and specializing in progressive candidates and causes in the Bay Area and across the state. The firm has worked to elect progressive candidates to local city councils, countywide offices, and the California State Assembly.

Successful Oakland campaigns managed by The Next Generation include Barbara Parker for City Attorney (2012), Dan Kalb for City Council (District 1, 2012), Libby Schaaf for City Council (District 4, 2010), Pat Kernighan for City Council (District 2, 2010), Rebecca Kaplan for City Council (At-Large, 2008), and Danny Wan for City Council (District 2, 2002).

Here's a sampling of the candidates and their campaigns The Next Generation has supported.  It should be worth noting that one of these clients happens to be 2010 Oakland Mayoral Candidate Rebecca Kaplan whose 2008 campaign for Oakland City Council is what Next Generation helped managed.  Kaplan of course would be a good candidate to run in 2014 should she decide to make a second run.

Jared Huffman for State Assembly—Marin and Sonoma Counties, 2006 (Principal Consultant)
Don Perata for State Assembly—Alameda County, 1996 (Principal Consultant)
Richard Holober for State Assembly—San Mateo County, 2008 (Field/Caucus Organizing)
Barbara Lee for State Assembly—Alameda County, 1990 (Alameda Field Consultant)
Justin Blake for State Senate—Riverside County, 2010 (Direct Mail)
Level the Playing Field—Independent Expenditure Against Meg Whitman for California Governor, 2010 (New Media)
Katie Rice for Marin County Supervisor, 2012 (Principal Consultant)
Kate Sears for Marin County Supervisor, 2012 (Principal Consultant)
Linda Seifert for Solano County Supervisor, 2008 and 2012 (Principal Consultant)
Skip Thomson for Solano County Supervisor, 2012 (Principal Consultant)
Tomi Van de Brooke for Contra Costa County Supervisor, 2012 (Principal Consultant)
Debora Fudge for Sonoma County Supervisor, 2010 (Principal Consultant)
Kevin Dowling for Alameda County Supervisor, 2010 (Principal Consultant)
Alice Lai-Bitker for Alameda County Supervisor, 2006 (Principal Consultant)
Tom Radulovich for San Francisco Supervisor, 2002 (Principal Consultant)
Don Perata for Alameda County Supervisor, 1986 (Principal Consultant)
Tara Flanagan for Alameda County Superior Court Judge, 2012 (Principal Consultant)
Victoria Kolakowski for Alameda County Superior Court Judge, 2010 (Principal Consultant)
Dennis Hayashi for Alameda County Superior Court Judge, 2008 (Principal Consultant)
Barbara Parker for Oakland City Attorney, 2012 (Principal Consultant)
Dan Kalb for Oakland City Council, 2012 (Principal Consultant)
Mario Juarez for Oakland City Council, 2012 (Principal Consultant)
Marilyn Ezzy Ashcraft for Alameda City Council, 2012 (Principal Consultant)
Ursula Reed for San Leandro City Council, 2008 and 2012 (Principal Consultant)
Barbara Halliday for Hayward City Council, 2008 and 2012 (Principal Consultant)
Al Mendall for Hayward City Council, 2012 (Principal Consultant)
Damon Connolly for San Rafael City Council, 2007 and 2011 (Principal Consultant)
Nora Davis for Emeryville City Council, 2003, 2007, and 2011 (Principal Consultant)
Randy Royce for San Carlos City Council, 2007 and 2011 (Direct Mail)
Libby Schaaf for Oakland City Council, 2010 (Principal Consultant)
Pat Kernighan for Oakland City Council, 2010 (Principal Consultant)
Rebecca Kaplan for Oakland City Council, 2008 (Principal Consultant)
Marie Gilmore for Alameda City Council, 2004 and 2008 (Principal Consultant)
Lan Nguyen for San Jose City Council, 2008 (Principal Consultant)
Ryan Gilbert for Piedmont City Council, 2008 (Principal Consultant)
Annan Paterson for Novato City Council, 2007 (Principal Consultant)
Reggie Moore for Antioch City Council, 2006 (Principal Consultant)
Lena Tam for Alameda City Council, 2006 (Direct Mail)
Kevin Dowling for Hayward City Council, 2006 (Principal Consultant)
Ed Treuting for Emeryville City Council, 2005 (Principal Consultant)
Danny Wan for Oakland City Council, 2002 (Principal Consultant)
Rebecca Saltzman for BART Board, 2012 (Principal Consultant)
Robert Raburn for BART Board, 2010 (Principal Consultant)
David Behar for Marin Municipal Water Board, 2006 and 2010 (Principal Consultant)
Cynthia Koehler for Marin Municipal Water Board, 2004 and 2010 (Principal Consultant)
Armando Quintero for Marin Municipal Water Board, 2010 (Principal Consultant)
Jack Gibson for Marin Municipal Water Board, 2010 (Principal Consultant)
Andy Katz for East Bay MUD Board, 2010 (Direct Mail)
Joe Trapp for East Bay MUD Board, 1998 (Principal Consultant)
Danny Wan for East Bay MUD Board, 1996 (Principal Consultant)
Chuck Ford for Tamalpais Union High School Board, 2013 (Principal Consultant)
Joshua Simon for Emeryville School Board, 2009 (Principal Consultant)
Miguel Dwin for Emeryville School Board, 2009 (Principal Consultant)
Beatriz Leyva-Cutler for Berkeley School Board, 2008 (Direct Mail)
Dan Siegel for Oakland School Board, 1998 (Principal Consultant)
So far the only other candidate in this race besides Joe Tuman is Port Commissioner Bryan Parker.

Actually, I should correct myself:  There is another candidate in this race besides Tuman and Parker:  Oakland Mayor Jean Quan.

No, I'm not kidding.  Quan has decided to have the audacity to dismiss the sentiment of of most of Oakland's residents and run for re-election.  Is her sanity coming into question or is she completely delusional?

And get a load at this message from Quan on the front page of her re-election page:

Dear Fellow Oaklander,
The last few years in Oakland have been an exciting time, with the New York Times naming our city the 5th top vacation destination in the world (and the top destination in the country), as well as various publications calling Oakland one of America’s greenest, “coolest,” and most wired cities with the hottest restaurants and most livable neighborhoods.

Entrepreneurs and innovators are coming to Oakland in droves for our great weather, affordable housing and commercial space, amazing waterfront, recreational activities and thriving cultural neighborhoods. Oakland is on the rise and moving forward in exciting ways that we haven’t seen in generations. Thousands of new jobs have been created in emerging industries, unemployment is falling, and our public schools are steadily improving in academic achievement. Overseas investors are putting millions of dollars into our great town because they know that Oakland is in the midst of a renaissance.

It is Mayor Jean Quan who has been leading us at the helm of Oakland’s revival, asking the world to take a fresh look at what’s here, promoting our greatest strengths, bringing in new investment, and building a model city at the edge of 21st century innovation.

Like many other urban American cities, we’ve also faced stubborn and systemic challenges, but we’ve met those head on. Even as the national economy suffered and crime spiked in cities across the country, Mayor Quan has tirelessly forged ahead, balancing the budget, moving our economy forward, creating jobs, supporting business growth, implementing progressive policies for a progressive city, and raising the profile of our city to the world.

“Oakland’s Hardest Working Mayor”

Oakland's Hardest Working Mayor eh?

Sure she is.  Maybe hardest working on her own ego and dismissing protesters like this seen in the Occupy Oakland protests:


If you are looking to support Joe Tuman for Mayor of Oakland in 2014, here are the necessary links:

Joe Tuman for Mayor:





Also, in case you missed it, here's Tuman's campaign announcement:

Originally posted to Knowledge Democrats on Mon Sep 09, 2013 at 02:52 PM PDT.

Also republished by California politics.


Are Jean Quan's days numbered?

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17%3 votes
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  •  Hard working compared to Ron Dellums? (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:

    Sure, I'll give her credit for clearing that exceptionally low bar.

    Quan is just kind of nutty. She managed to win the race for mayor only because of a united anti-Dom Perata block of voters, and a new ranked choice system. She is completely out of touch with city residents, though, and manages to alienate just about everyone in the city with her crappy management and bizarre personal style and statements. Even though she claims to share many positions with progressives, her tenure has been a disaster.  Frankly, she comes off as incompetent at best.

    When the city crushed Occupy, she totally tried to pass off responsibility to the City Manager and Police Chief, claiming she was out of town (even though she knew the raid was imminent, or maybe because she knew, she skipped town to DC), and had no control or responsibility for the particulars of the raid. When anyone criticizes her, it's because she's Oakland's first Asian, female mayor, which is nonsense.

    I'll have to check out Mr. Tuman to learn more about him. Still a year away, and I hope there's a good slate of candidates.

    •  I'm hoping more candidates run (2+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      SixSixSix, AoT

      Rebecca Kaplan, 2010 Mayoral Candidate (who seems to be popular on Daily Kos) is out.

      I know Tuman personally.  Had him as my professor for an Issues in Free Speech class at SFSU.  He's extremely smart and knowledgeable on the issues.

      But it's still early in the campaign and I don't expect the campaign season to really take off until mid 2014.

      I may touch base with Tuman at some point as there are a number of issues Kossacks and Oakland residents particularly are concerned about, particularly with the issue of income inequality and such.  I'll report any of my findings if this happens.

  •  what is truman's plan for dealing with crime (2+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    AoT, SixSixSix

    both the non-OPD kind as well as reining in the OPDs many  abuses of oaklanders?

    i remember quan running as a progressive too. what's truman's track record on these sorts of matters?

    •  Joe Tuman, not Harry Truman :) (2+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      wu ming, AoT

      As far as I know, Joe Tuman is going in complete reversal of Jean Quan's policies with regards to handling of the Oakland Police Department.  Tuman is also particularly supportive of Oakland police officers patrolling in the communities which they live in, which I understand is not the case with Mayor Quan where private security patrols are on the rise.

      But that's as far as I know at this point.  Additional information may come along eventually.

    •  He's talked a number of times (0+ / 0-)

      about increasing the police presence in the city by a few hundred officers, but I haven't seen anything about reining in the police at all. He hasn't held public office to my knowledge so I don't think he has a track record.

      •  I presume Tuman will be receptive to your concern (0+ / 0-)

        However, I have to be transparent in saying I really don't know any other information at this point so I'll see about finding any additional details any which way I can.  And as much as I know Tuman (and I do know him being my professor at SFSU over a decade ago), I can only report on what I do know so far.  There may be an Issues page coming up at some point.  Perhaps this consulting firm might help Tuman's campaign on this front, particularly ironing out the details and conveying the message appropriately.

        And by all means, I don't mean to deter other candidates from running.  I think more discussion will come out at some point.

        I'm actually going through Tuman's Facebook page and it appears he himself is answering questions from people.  Perhaps that may be a good avenue for you to look into in the interim.

        If I do touch base with Tuman at some point, I'll ask him some questions and address your concern on that.  I can definitely say that there's A LOT of people in Oakland who are making comments saying they're concerned about Oakland.  One woman herself made a comment on Tuman's Facebook Page and says she may leave Oakland at some point because of the violence.

  •  That article on Kaplan is a year old (0+ / 0-)

    I'd bet she'd get in if it looked like Quan was vulnerable.

    All that said, I really wish there was more content about this candidate and less about what a great person he is. I'm getting pushed out of the place I'm living because of gentrification and I don't see any candidates addressing that issue. I don't really see him addressing any issue except for an increase in police. We need control of the police, not more of them.

    •  I'll remove the article then (1+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:

      In the meantime, I responded to your other comment.  More content will probably come at some point and I expect the page will be revamped soon but being I've also communicated with Democratic Congressional candidates in red states where there's not enough information as well, I'll see what information I can extract from Joe Tuman.  I actually corresponded to him a few weeks ago and he responded to be rather quickly all things considered.

      On that gentrification issue, I think that may tie into how Jean Quan is focusing on Oakland as Mayor.  As I understand, Quan is mainly focused on business development and bringing companies to Oakland but has absolutely no interest on social issues.

      •  Quan is part of the problem (0+ / 0-)

        But there's a lot to it. A lot. She's just following the standard practice in these times. Shoring up the tax base and all.

        •  Perhaps but Oakland's had a bad rap for years (0+ / 0-)

          The issues facing Oakland have gone on longer than when Jean Quan was in office, even prior to the Great Recession.

          Jerry Brown as Mayor didn't do that much for the city and he started being Mayor in 1999.

          Ron Dellums did absolutely nothing.

          Now Jean Quan has taken Oakland to a worse state in my view.

          And Quan's problem is, as you point out, shoring up the tax base.  However, as much as the rents have increased in Oakland, the progress of economic and business activity to be frank, in my view, is slow compared to San Francisco.  Even as much business exists in Oakland, Quan is doing absolutely no outreach to communities and genuinely listening.

  •  If Next Generation supported (0+ / 0-)

    Schaaf, Kernighan, Huffman, and Perata, I’m not particularly impressed by their political selectiveness.

    •  Political selectiveness? (0+ / 0-)

      This is a consulting company, not an activism network.   The Next Generation is focused on campaign messaging and guidance, not grassroots campaigning.

      Also, Jared Huffman is Congressman in California's 2nd Congressional District and is very liberal, taking over the great Lynn Woolsey.  Not sure where your criticism is going with Huffman but he's also not my Congressman so you perhaps know him better than I do.

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