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Sufficient fat has been chewed over the patriotic spectacle of tens of ones of the righteously indignant descending on the capitol Sep. 11 to demand "Justice for Behghazi."

Still, I couldn't quite say farewell to the week without highlighting a quote from the GOP's Clown Prince of Congress, Louis Gohmert. In riling up the monotude on Wednesday, Gohmert let slip one of the tricks the right has been using to keep its supporters emotionally jangled, mentally mangled and ever-star-spangled. I believe the congressman's quote merits both bolding and blockquoting:

“We’re about to the point where we’re just going to have to take it as a fact that the evidence they’re refusing to produce . . . supports the worst of our fears about what this administration failed to do.”

The seamless perfection of this circular argument is a thing to behold. "Your refusal to confess to eating puppies is the ultimate proof of your canavore depravity!"

It is so entirely free of logic or even argumentative rigor that it invites comparisons to the silliest CT sendups ever loosed.

It truly runs rings around us logically.

Alas, the chuckling soon dies away, replaced by a chilling dread, as one realizes such "thinking" is de rigeur for today's Teahaddist 'Pubs. Everyone knows Obama is evil and his refusal to shuck his flesh costume and reveal his true, Beelzebubian form just shows how truly insidious he is.

The federal deficit is out of control! The charts that show it shrinking prove just how out of control it is! Of course you don't see the death panels and FEMA camps! That's part of their plan!

Congressman Frank's dining room table is starting to look like a more worthwhile conversation partner.

And that is, sadly, the point to which I've come regarding some of my more kneejerk, CT-mad friends and acquaintances. It's pointless to counter their proclamations with facts or mock their attempts at logic, which bear the same similarity to actual logic as do schoolboys' explanations of sex to the real thing. Where once I felt a responsibility to respond to their emails and Facebook tirades with snopes citations and CBO analyses, I've come to understand this is a waste of my time and theirs.

You can offer a junkie a glass of water or a salad or potatoes and gravy or a trip to the beach or the sight of a pretty girl in a light, summer dress or any number of wholesome, healthy things. Don't expect thanks.

Only the dope can satisfy, and the unhappy reality that it actually doesn't, that it offers no positive experience, only a momentary cessation of craving, just makes it more imperative to score some more.

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