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12:09 PM PT: .LATEST INFORMATION: still conflicting reports coming from d.c.  the mayor said at least 12 dead and there may still be another suspect  on the loose.  the media was reporting that two additional suspects were being sought.  one has been located and is not involved in the shooting.  this is from five minutes ago...
President Obama's address regarding the naval yard shooting:

Mayor gray addressing media now:

thanking first responders and all who came to deal with horrific tragedy.

regarding two other suspects - one has been talked to and ruled out.  another was identified as wearing drab olive uniform - still looking for him to determine if any involvement.

do not yet know what the motive is - no reason to suspect terrorism, but not ruled out.

13 fatalities (including shooter) - additional victim has died at the hospital.  no identities until families are notified.

telling people who live in the area to stay out of the area - especially since they are trying to rule out the still unidentified man.

washington nationals baseball game is postponed.

chief laneir (sp?) asking people to stay as far away from the area but 295, 395 and 695 opened.  m st around nascar closed and asking people to stay away.

asking businesses and residences to still shelter in place.  hope in the next couple of hours whether they can conclusively say that all suspects are accounted for.

fbi will release information on shooter, aaron alexis.  investigation is continuing about him.

valerie parlave (fbi) id'd aaron alexis of ft worth - picture on website on and they are asking people with information about him to contact them.

evidence response team is now processing the scene and will be running down every lead.  asking the public to look at pictures and contact fbi with any information - nothing too small.

the mayor just said that there are a dozen or more additional victims who are injured beyond the 13 who have died.

senate is on lockdown - house not because they are not in session.


breaking right now on abc news, there is a shelter in place for the navy yard and base due to an active shooter.  the early reports are that 1 to 3 people are injured - no word on the extent of those injuries.

the base is being searched by armed patrols and the shelter in place is effective now.

more when it is available.

here are links to the news story...

cbs local news

from abc news

The U.S. Navy said 3 shots were fired inside the headquarter building where approximately 3,000 people work.

Police say they are now looking for an active shooter on the base.

The Washington Navy Yard says on its website that it's the Navy's oldest shore establishment. It's home to the chief of Naval Operations and is also headquarters for the Naval Historical Center and numerous naval commands.

updates below the fold...

abc is reporting on this as i type - it appears that this is a lone gunman with shots fired inside the headquarters building.  all persons in the building and on the base have been told to shelter in place as the police and military search for the shooter.  again, this is INSIDE the base.

the chief of naval operations lives on this base - it is the main headquarters for the command, according to abc.

more as it unfolds...

6:16 AM PT: according to cbs local, the following streets and bridges are closed:

The 11th Street Bridge is closed in both directions. M Street is closed near New Jersey Avenue near 11th Street.

The New Jersey Avenue entrance at the Navy Yard-Ballpark Metro station is closed.

6:24 AM PT: three people confirmed shot - no word on condition.  the shooter is carrying an assault rifle.  the search is still ongoing.

6:30 AM PT: latest naval information - 3 to 5 victims transported to the hospital.

6:43 AM PT: nbc says seven people - one police officer shot.  

the scanner just reported that there were mass casualties and that they were meeting inside the gate when the scene is sorted.  

this doesn't sound good at all.

6:48 AM PT:from kossack cpt doom (he lives nearby), the shooting took place in the cafeteria - the sirens are non stop.

6:52 AM PT: horace posted a link to the dc police, ems scanner- this is where i'm now getting live updates directly from the source.

7:10 AM PT: shooter still believed inside the base - police told to "engage" the shooter - they are trying to bring him down.  the president has been advised.

victims currently being medivac'd out by helicopter.

7:19 AM PT: people exiting in small groups - non injured in these early groups of five and ten.

7:25 AM PT: front page has a diary up - much speculation - no real facts anywhere yet - too many conflicting reports.

it may be a while before we actually "know" what is going on...

7:32 AM PT: cbs local reports that a gunman has been "neutralized" (according to a navy official).  they are searching for a possible second suspect.

cbs has learned that there were fatalities, though that has not been officially confirmed.

CBS/AP/ September 16, 2013, 8:58 AM

Washington Navy Yard shooter leaves multiple victims, some fatalities

Police work the scene on M Street, SE in Washington, where a gunman was reported at the Washington Navy Yard in Washington, on Monday, Sept. 16, 2013. / AP PHOTO

Updated 10:18 a.m. ET

WASHINGTON Federal official say as many as 10 people have been shot at the Washington Navy Yard on Monday morning. D.C. Metropolitan Police said earlier at least 3 civilians, one D.C. officer and one base security officer were among the victims.

An official told CBS News the number of victims could be higher because it is a "chaotic scene." Officials have not offered publicly an exact assessment of the health of the victims.

Officials tell CBS News correspondent Bob Orr a gunman has been neutralized, and that security officials are searching for a potential second gunman, although there is no confirmation or corroboration of a second gunman. It is not clear whether neutralized gunman is a member of the Navy.

according to what is being broadcast right now on the ems scanner - "the scene is NOT safe - do NOT enter"

7:42 AM PT: reports are now coming from cbs that 4 are dead and 10 wounded.  the report that the shooter has been "neutralized" is not confirmed.,

7:55 AM PT: scanner states "there is a second suspect possibly in scene ...  is not secure."  so this looks like those searching the scene are taking no chances that a second shooter might be at large.

8:05 AM PT: swat team still surrounding base and police helicopters have heavy presence.

abc is reporting that 10-12 shot and MAYBE four dead - no confirmation.  copters shown loading living injured at scene.

DOT is on lockdown (thanks, wmtriallawyer).

the report of more than one government has not been confirmed - but the police are acting as if there were.

this is an annex for the navy - on the river.

among the wounded are members of law enforcement who responded.  the shooter had at least one rifle and one hand gun and maybe more weapons.

there are reports of what sounds like gunshots in other buildings - so that is why the scene is not secure.

the gunman has been "contained" so he can't move around further - not "neutralized" in the james bond sense.  

10:22 AM PT: here is the latest (since i woke up) - the lone gunman has been killed, according to cbs news.  also as many as 10 shot and six have died.

this appears to be a disgruntled employee with a history of alcohol problems.

he was not in fatigues (as reported earlier) but was in dark blue clothing.  

1:08 PM PT: gunman identified as aaron alexis from texas.  he was a civilian contractor who used the id of a former employee to enter the yard without having his bags checked.

At least 12 people are dead after a shooting Monday morning in a heavily secured building at the D.C. Navy Yard, and authorities now say they have identified the gunman.

That gunman, 34-year-old Aaron Alexis of Fort Worth, Texas, is among the 12 dead. Officials said he recently began working as a civilian contractor.

The FBI, which now is leading the investigation, believes the gunman used the identification of a man who used to work at Navy Yard, reported Pete Williams of NBC News. The ID was found next to the gunman's body in Building 197, where most of the victims were shot on the third and fourth floors.

Originally posted to edrie on Mon Sep 16, 2013 at 06:08 AM PDT.

Also republished by Shut Down the NRA.

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