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You ought to be out raising hell. This is the fighting age. Put on your fighting clothes.
                                                      -Mother Jones

Tuesday September 22, 1903
Cripple Creek, Colorado - Gen. Chase Displays Military Might at Court of Judge Seeds

When General Chase was finally forced to answer the writ of habeas corpus granted by Judge W. P. Seeds on behalf of miners Parker, Campbell, Lafferty, and McKinney, he did so with a display of military might that has shocked the nation. Through a series of machinations too numerous to recount, the General was able to delay bringing the prisoners, who have never been charged with any crime, before the court of Judge Seeds. However, with Attorney Murphy of the Western Federation of Miners calling for the arrest of General Chase, and with Lt. McClelland, attorney for General's Chase and Bell, unable to gain any further delays in compliance with the order of the court, the General finally made up his mind to produce the prisoners.

Thus, at 1 o'clock yesterday afternoon the arrival of General Chase was preceded by a great flourish of blaring trumpets, thundering troops, and a grand display of military might. Citizens were driven from the sidewalks, sharp shooters were posted on the rooftops, and soldiers with loaded rifles, fixed bayonets and Gatling guns took command of the streets leading up to the courthouse of Judge Seeds.

At 1:30, General Chase was escorted into court. And such and escort as he had! Military guards were posted at every door, two troops of cavalry with sabers and side arms lined the walkway, and 20 cavalrymen, heavily armed marched into the court and stood side by side at the front of the court with their backs to the Judge.  

The prisoners were brought in heavily shackled as if they were desperate criminals rather then plain hard-working miners, well-known citizens of this county, and members and officers of the Western Federation of Miners. Lt. McClelland began at 2 o'clock to argue on behalf of Generals Chase and Bell and continued on and on until 6 in evening when the Court could take no more of it. Court was adjourned for the day, and the four shackled miners were returned to the military bullpen accompanied by the full military might of the state of Colorado under the command of Generals Bell and Chase.

The Cripple Creek Strike
-by Emma F Langdon
(Part I, 1st pub 1904)
NY, 1969

Monday September 22, 1913
Trinidad, Colorado - Letter from Mother Jones to Terence V. Powderly

Mother Jones remains in Trinidad since her speech at the Special Convention last week. The strike begins tomorrow, and she will, undoubtedly, be kept busy working on behalf of the strikers and their families.

This is a portion of a letter which she wrote recently to her good friend, Terence V. Powderly:

                                                                                        Trinidad, Colo.,
                                                                                         Sept 20, 1913
My Dear Mr. Powderly:
     I just write you a few hurried lines,...
     What a proposition that sky-pilot made about putting the Bible under our heads. How a man in his position could display such a lack of knowledge of the economic struggle, is more than I know. He has very little grasp of the affair in West Virginia, and cares less. He was fed and entertained by the exploiters of labor. When he went up Cabin Creek he was entertained by Charlie Caball, one of the biggest exploiters on Cabin Creek. Charlie Caball brought four Negroes, a couple of Italians, and a Slav that he had working to tell the bishop how good they were treated and what fine money thay made. But Chas. Caball did not tell the sky-pilot that he bought potatoes for 50 cts a bushel and sold them for $1.50 to his slaves, two hundred per cent profit. That is the Christian doctrine of today...
     They have my skull drawn on a a picture and two cross sticks underneath my jaw to tell me that if I do not quit they are going to get me. Well they have been a long time at it....

                                   I am always yours, not for the revolution, but in it.
                                                                       Mother Jones
                                                                       Toltec Hotel, Trinidad

as written without correction

The Correspondence of Mother Jones
-ed by Edward M Steel
U of Pittsburgh Press, 1985

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Hellraisers of Sept 10, 1913
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Sunday September 22, 2013
From Teamster Local 117 of Tukwila, WA: Teamsters at Darigold Leaflet Walmart

The Teamsters of Local 117 were out leafeting at Walmart's stores and Sam's Clubs in the Seattle area on Friday. Ten locations were targeted:

Teamster production workers and lab technicians, employed by Darigold, distributed leaflets at ten Walmart and Sam’s Club locations throughout the day today to inform consumers about the company’s multiple violations of federal labor law and the growing threat of a potential lockout or strike.

The workers handed out information and talked with shoppers at Walmart and Sam’s Club stores in Renton, Puyallup, Federal Way, Auburn, Covington, Bellevue, and Seattle.  Approximately 150 workers participated in the leafleting action.

“Darigold is treating us now as bad or worse than they did ten years ago leading up to the lockout in 2003,” said Jeff Koch, a 25-year production worker at the Darigold processing plant in Issaquah.  “The public needs to know that they’re trying to intimidate us and they’re trying to sabotage the bargaining process.”

Read full press release here:

Teamsters Local 117

Local 117 on Facebook

Local 117 on Twitter

Solidarity Forever-Utah Phillips

All the world that's owned by idle drones is ours and ours alone.
We have laid the wide foundations; built it skyward stone by stone.
It is ours, not to slave in, but to master and to own.
While the union makes us strong.

                      -Ralph Chaplin, 1915

Originally posted to Hellraisers Journal on Sun Sep 22, 2013 at 11:13 AM PDT.

Also republished by In Support of Labor and Unions and Anti-Capitalist Chat.

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