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I'll be appearing on the Ed Shultz show this Friday on MSNBC. Without further ado, here are my thoughts on Ted Cruz.

First off, hey media! The story here is how Ted Cruz talked for hours on end without saying ONE DAMN WORD how he would make health care in America better.

And it has been 5 years of this bullcrap.

5 years where Republicans just troll and offer no alternatives to Obama's ideas except to scream NO, and even when Obama uses a GOP idea as his starting point they still scream NO.

5 years where Republicans are allowed to lie unchallenged while offering zero alternatives.

At no point last night or this morning in Ted Cruz's historic kabuki shillibuster did any Republicans offer a single idea on how to make health care better. They whined. They told us how bad Obamacare is and how it is destroying all the things, but if you wanted to hear GOP ideas about how to make health care better in America the GOP senators led by their pied piper Cruz had nothing to offer, zilch, nada.

Whining? Pitching a fit? The GOP is full of guys who are experts at that. Ideas? No one. Ted Cruz can spout off right wing talking points for hours, that much is obvious, but so can Sarah Palin, and that isn't governing, it's carnival barking. When it comes to being able to govern the GOP is utterly clueless.

So we get this dog and pony show.

It is like watching Clint Eastwood debating an empty chair FOR NINETEEN HOURS

And this is the best the Tea Party has to offer?

More below the fold . . .

At no point during all of this strum und drang did Ted Cruz or any of his conservative cohorts offer a single idea on how they would do health care reform better. Instead they read us Green Eggs and Ham and that other children's book Atlas Shrugged. Instead of telling America how Republicans would do health care reform better than Obamacare we were treated to Star Wars comparisons by the people who have no idea that they are America's Jar Jar Binks. Ted Cruz could have gone out there and made fart noises with his hand below his armpit and we would have learned more, instead we got the one thing Republicans have to offer instead of a sane agenda, bullcrap.

Hours and hours of bullcrap.

When Bernie Sanders held his filibuster he used charts and facts to make his case. Ted Cruz read "Green Eggs and Ham" because the average Fox News viewer has the reading comprehension skills of a 3rd grader. Ted Cruz might as well have read "My Pet Goat" for 18 hours, that doesn't count as a substitute for having better ideas.

So here we are, warming our media hands over the flaming dumpster fire that is the Post-Romney GOP, and the story is all built into GOP frames because our media doesn't think fact checking is it's job

Ted Cruz is trolling America. He's just wasting our time.

Because Fox News has conditioned the GOP base to think that spewing forth word clouds of right wing angst is a substitute for ideas. All the things that make a Fox host someone the far right fringe can love translates into a crappy Senator who is incapable of governing. Being a loud mouthed blowhard is not a substitute for having new ideas. America has heard you, and we still voted for Obama, the sooner you get that through your thick, tri-corner hat wearing Limbaugh chewing a cigar filled heads the better for all of us.

Throwing a hissyfit doesn't count as a substitute for having ideas.

Ranting for hours on end is not a substitute to finding popular solutions.

Holding America hostage to win demands you can't win in an election is something we call terrorism when foreign brown people do it.

You lost. It's OVER. Deal with it.

America has heard you, Republicans. We had an election on it. YOU LOST. We had a Supreme Court decision on it. YOU LOST THAT TOO. Then we had another Presidential election on repealing it. YOU LOST THAT AS WELL. Until I can cure cancer by reading it Green Eggs and Ham I will take Obamacare instead.

The GOP has learned absolutely NOTHING from their two landslide loses to President Obama. So they stick with losing messages that only work on the fringiest fringe of the GOP base. Do they have any ideas? NOPE. Nothing. THAT is the real story here.

I leave the floor to you



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