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Pennsylvania's Liberal Lion, State Senator Daylin Leach (D. PA-13) is getting some fundraising help from some Philadelphia-based social activists:
You may not know us, but we know something about you. In some ways we are alike. We all love our country, the freedoms it stands for, equality of opportunity for all and aid to the vulnerable. We are liberal activists. To paraphrase Ben Franklin (by a stretch) to keep our republic, we must be aware and help elect candidates who see this as the mission of our government.

Yes, you guessed it, this is a campaign email. But before pulling the rabbit out of the hat, why do we say we are somewhat alike?

I, Hal, was first active in the 1947 Philadelphia Renaissance of Clark and Dilworth. I, Sue, being around a few years less, started my social activism working for Friends housing for the poor. Together we have been activists for several social causes including women’s, gay’s, African American’s, farm workers’ rights and more. We have been involved in every political campaign – particularly in Democratic Primaries.

Now to pull the rabbit out of the hat: This year, we are fully supporting Daylin Leach for Congress because of his record of activism on the issues you and we esteem, and we are asking you to join us in supporting him by clicking here to Daylin's campign.

But if you don’t live in the 13th Congresional District why should you support Daylin? Because one Member of Congress' support for progressive legislation and their ability to work with their colleagues can create the change that effects us all. That has been Daylin’s skill during more than a decade in the State Legislature.

Help bring that commitment and competence to the United States Congress. Please join us in contributing to Daylin's campaign before his hugely important September 30 deadline. Click here to give $100, $50, $25, or whatever you can afford:

Thank you! See you on the campaign trail.

Hal & Sue Rosenthal, Philadelphia
Social & Political Activists

You can click here to donate to Leach's campaign:

By the way, found an old article with some more info on Hal & Sue Rosenthal:

To call lawyer Hal Rosenthal an activist is an understatement. He's practically a one-man perpetual motion machine.

The Somerton resident's activities range from serving as counsel for the Friends of Poquessing Watershed and the Benjamin Rush Memorial House Committee to membership on three of the mayor's advisory committees and a group that is trying to find a use for the former Byberry state hospital.

Add more than 45 years of political activity, and you have a man who could use a few extra hours on the clock. His latest resume shows connections to more than 30 different organizations over the years.

Rosenthal, 63, and his wife, Sue, 60, a high-school teacher and community activist, were married in 1955. "We have four fantastic children," he said.

Hal Rosenthal looks on his successful campaign to open a mini-city service center in the Northeast as his biggest achievement.

After moving to Somerton in 1961, he soon learned that it's a long, long way to City Hall.

So he spearheaded a drive in the early 1960s to establish an office where Northeast residents could obtain licenses and get other services without traveling to Center City.

In the early 1980s, the city's first mini-center opened at Welsh Road and Roosevelt Boulevard.

Sue Rosenthal, a teacher at public and private schools since 1957, led the fight to establish a city-run health center in the Northeast.

As leader of the Northeast Citizens Health Committee, she worked with the city to plan, build, fund and support the District 10 Public Health Center on Cottman Avenue. The Northeast had been the only part of the city without such a center.

Since 1978, Sue Rosenthal has taught at the High School for Creative and Performing Arts. - Philadelphia Daily News, 8/26/93

Originally posted to pdc on Fri Sep 27, 2013 at 10:05 AM PDT.

Also republished by Philly Kos, DKos Pennsylvania, The Democratic Wing of the Democratic Party, This Week in the War on Women, Youth Kos 2.0, Milk Men And Women, and In Support of Labor and Unions.

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    Dartagnan, Mostel26

    Funny Stuff at

    by poopdogcomedy on Fri Sep 27, 2013 at 10:05:13 AM PDT

  •  his opponent State Rep Brendan Boyle was focus of (0+ / 0-)

    a handout in all mailboxes earlier this week.  [The other 3 candidates in Pa-13 were included on prior handouts.]

    In Boyle's profile, he makes what are likely to be his primary campaign's main arguments for his candidacy:

    1.  his background is different from the other 3 candidates; he's not a multi-millionaire

    2.  he's from the 1/2 of the 13th Congressional District that is Northeast Philadelphia; the other 3 candidates are from the other half of the District, Montgomery County.

    3.  he's from a middle class background and that would inspire his campaign and his policies - it will be basis for his fight against income inequality

    4.  the 4 candidates will "agree on 80% of issues" but his emphasis will be on "meat and potatoes issues", "issues that affect the families he represents".  "I have more focus on quality of life issues and economic issues."

    5.  Making higher education more affordable and narrowing the income gap would be his top priorities.  He was 1st in his family to attend college (Notre Dame undergrad and Harvard grad school).

    6. he left his private sector job to run for state house "when he realized there weren't many persons with a blue-collar background in the halls of [government]".

    7. Boyle has backing from Fraternal Order of Police, about 20 labor unions - several Philadelphia elected officials.  [This reinforces his argument - blue collar and working people are for me, not the wealthier opponents from Montgomery County.]

    8.  He thinks Northeast Philadelphia voters - half of the voters in the Congressional District - "will respond well to his campaign".  My add:  He knows the voters from his state House district will support him overwhelmingly in the primary.  His brother represents adjoining state House district - and will also be turning out lots of primary voters for him.

    9.  Not included in the article but my add:  he's Catholic.  Other 3 candidates are Jewish.

    I support state Sen Daylin Leach and have donated to his campaign - but I fear Brendan Boyle will be his toughest opponent and could be the leading candidate.

    Boyle will have union phone banks and precinct walkers for him primarily working the 1/2 of District that is Northeast Philadelphia.  His religion will help him in the "ethnic Dem" row homes of Northeast Philadelphia.  [I've walked those streets for Dem candidates in prior campaigns.  Much easier to cover many voters quickly and in person there (his Northeast Philadelphia portion of the District) than in the leafy suburban detached homes of the other half of the District in Montgomery County.]

    My sense is that many in Northeast Philadelphia 1/2 may think that the wealthier voters in their large leafy suburban homes in the Montgomery County 1/2 part of the District look down their noses at their Northeast Philadelphia row-home fellow and sister residents.  Boyle is one of them.  The other 3 candidates are from Montgo, not from the Northeast and are not one of them.

    Boyle is 36 years old, married with first child on the way, clean cut looks - perfect for the elderly voters of the row homes of Northeast Philadelphia.

    Daylin Leach needs to fear Brendan Boyle's candidacy.  I for one will not be surprised if Boyle wins this primary.

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