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There's a fabulous piece online about the Republican's relentless and dishonest assault on Obamacare, detailing and refuting all of the lies that they have been telling to counter it. The headline says it all:

"Are Republicans So Frantic to Stop Obamacare Because They Fear It Will Work?"

Read more below:

Unlike the Chuck Todds of the world, this piece is one where the reporter picks a corner, defends it and then attacks, ripping apart the GOPs deceit with skill and not a little viciousness. It was a delight to read. From the opening paragraph, the relentlessness is apparent

What is it about Obamacare that compels seemingly intelligent people to explode in bubbling spasms of stupid? Are they misinformed? Unable to see past the rage-fueled partisan sweat dripping into their eyes? Or just plain dishonest?
The piece then highlights what I have been saying for a long time about the GOP and their attacks on Obamacare: That they are going to look terrible in the future once the history is told.
At this point, it has become obvious that history will look back on the four-year war on Obamacare as one of the saddest, most bizarre, and most dishonestly embarrassing episodes of our time. I have given up trying to understand the vehement opposition of so many who cannot offer up truthful reasons for their objections, and instead fuel the hatred and fears of the uninformed with the most illogical, mendacious, and fundamentally bizarre arguments that have ever been marshaled. By comparison, Joe McCarthy’s McCarthyistic McCarthyism was an exercise in reason.
The piece then goes down the list - death panels, government takeover of health care, Washington dictating treatments and on and on and on. It goes after the lies, the conservative academics who push out purported "independent analysis" that is bogus, and on and on and on. Recently, conservative nut Betsy McGaughy argued that Obamacare would force doctors to ask patients about their sex lives and bemoaned the horrors of electronic medical records. The Vanity Fair piece responds:
The time may well have come to reconsider whether (McGaughy) should ever be taken seriously again. That is, if you have in the past. In fact, her new diatribe suggests either she has a really bad doctor or she needs to see a good one... know that there are plenty of social conservatives who consider sex to be something icky that should never be discussed or something immaculate that shouldn’t be enjoyable, but the reality is, good doctors ask about sex. That is not an Obamacare requirement—it is something that medical students learn in their first year when studying how to take a history and physical of a patient....This is part of what is called “social history,” and it is a critical part of any medical examination. That involves smoking history, use of alcohol, other drug use, and, yes, sex. The discussion of sexual matters is not so the doctor can run off into the next room and giggle about pee-pees. It is an essential part of any medical exam because it can be a key contributor to someone’s health.
Then, on medical records, the piece notes that the largest health care company in the world uses them, and boasts that they "improve 'safety, quality, effectiveness, and efficiency of health care." Then the author writes:
Safety, quality, effectiveness, and efficiency? What a nightmare! Betsy, you better call (the company) right now and let them know that their system to make medical care better does not have your stamp of approval because—hell, I don’t know. You never explain a reason other than to suggest that the next Edward Snowden will leak everyone’s health-care information before fleeing to Russia.
I can't quote anymore without violating fair use, but it is a lengthy piece worth a read. Plus, it is apparently just part one. The second part about the truth of Obamacare is going to be posted next week.
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