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Liberals. I mean, what can you say? What is with them and their irrational belief that Ted Cruz is a bad guy?? I mean, they're constantly talking about Cruz's hypocrisy in criticizing Wendy Davis supporters who cheered her epic filibuster because "It was unfortunate that a handful of protesters felt they had a right to shut down the legislative process,"... and then did exactly the same thing himself by performing a fake filibuster? Plus I can't friggin' log onto a political site without some dumb liberal talking about Ted Cruz's stance about denying thousands of impoverished Texans health care because he's got a beef against free money for a Medicaid expansion. AND there's been constant whining from the loony left about Cruz's brave efforts to expose the UN's nefarious plot to ban golf worldwide. AND there's just been lots of childish snickering all around about Cruz's noble crusade to abolish the IRS altogether and fill in the federal tax-collection logistics later. AND there's been boatloads of handwringing just because Cruz is willing to default on the debt and destroy the world economy just to make sure that a few sick people don't get the health care they need.

What's more, have I mentioned that there has been all sorts of immature questioning of Cruz's hypocrisy involving his own citizenship status when he himself allows birther-fetishism to run rampant in his own party? And OH the drama-queen groaning when Cruz stated that the right for a psychiatric patient to own an M16 with high-capacity rounds takes precedence over the right of a kindergartner to not get his head blown off during attendance. I mean, seriously! C'mon! Try and see the big picture! Have you ever known what it was like to live without an M4 or and M16 or even an AR-15? It's like living without fresh air or clean water! Of course Ted Cruz is is also opposed to those but hey! What's wrong with being forthright. Seriously, it is mystifying as to why these liberals hate Cruz.

Fortunately Jonah Goldberg has explained the mystery of the left's hatred of Ted Cruz.

More below the wadded up, discarded orange tea bag.

Goldberg explains why Ted Cruz has attracted so much hatred from the left. It's because, in Goldberg's own words, Cruz is basically the conservative movement's Barack Obama.

[Ted Cruz] might be the conservative Barack Obama. The charge that he’s the new McCarthy is something of a compliment from liberals. It means they don’t like him, can’t really explain why, and need to demonize him instead.
Yeah! Liberals "can't really explain why" they hate Cruz. Oh sure there have been billions of words written about Cruz's government hostage-taking, and his immoral voter suppression tactics, and his positively diabolical glee in making sure that the good ol' US will continue to suffer thousands of unnecessary gun deaths each year, and his very real willingness to let the US and world economy crash rather than let the US healthcare system help people who need it. But yeah! Sweeping all that aside liberals really CAN'T explain why they hate Cruz.

Well, Goldberg and National Review editor Rich Lowry explained why the liberals hate Ted Cruz.

National Review editor Rich Lowry identified one plausible source of elite liberal hatred for Cruz: betrayal: “Cruz is from the intellectual elite, but not of it, a tea-party conservative whose politics are considered gauche at best at the storied universities where he studied. He is, to borrow the words of the 2008 H. W. Brands biography of FDR, a traitor to his class.”
Yeah! Exactly! Liberals don't hate Cruz because of his politics and his determination to tear down the US economy to support his own short-term goals! Liberals hate Cruz because, basically, Liberals are a bunch of tubby girls who hate the handsome jock when he won't pay attention to them!

Oh sure, there may be a few hilarious whines over this interpretation. You might get a douchebag feminazi poor person whinge: "Since when are Democrats an 'elite?' The vast majority of Democrats are represented by those in lower income brackets." But in general, do Goldberg and Lowry nail it, or do they nail it? Just look at Cruz! The self-destructive political grandstanding! The evisceration he performs on his own party! The reading and deliberate misinterpretation of Green Eggs and Ham! That could have been the liberals' guy!!!

Goldberg goes on:

What liberals hate in Cruz, they love in Obama: a product of an elite education who confirms all their feelings of superiority. Obama took the desiccated ideas of campus liberalism and made them seem vibrant, stylish, and even populist.
Yeah! The public wanted nothing to do with liberalism before Obama! I mean, just because the popular majority of Americans support the Democratic party doesn't mean liberal ideals are actually populist! Obama just made it look like that!

Oh sure there were the 2006 Congressional elections, George W. Bush's 28% approval rating, the Great Recession that was caused by the GOP and a host of other issues but really nobody actually wanted liberalism! They were just mislead by Obama's dreamy, dreamy eyes!

For conservatives, the comparison [of Cruz] to Obama probably stings more than the McCarthyite smear.

But think about it. Both men have impeccable educational credentials. Obama went to Occidental College, transferred to Columbia University, and got his law degree from Harvard. Cruz went to Princeton University, where he was a national champion debater, and got a law degree from Harvard.

Spooky, isn't it? How much Cruz is like Obama? Like, both Obama and Cruz are involved in politics. They're both guys. They both breathe oxygen and ingest food and have physical bodies that are based on carbon compounds. It's just astounding how the similarities continue.

And yet, despite all these similarities, Cruz has rejected the liberals! Oh, how hurt they are, these dumpy, unattractive prom dates who somehow have managed to get the majority of the American public on their sides. Sheesh! How air-tight is Goldberg and Lowry's political analysis of the liberal mind towards Ted Cruz? Can it get any better than this?

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