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"steely resolve"?????

Are we here at DKos falling for the typical media tunnel vision and bait switching?

Kos, the Dems gave in on the sequester and more budget cuts. You call this steely resolve?  

Not to mention this is just another short term, lousy CR. And the Senate gave in on more SNAP budget cuts in their version and, and, and....... all the other hidden stuff.

This is why although I believe in a lot of Democrat values, I refuse to call myself a "Democrat"  As far as I can tell, the only thing they did right was not give in to the Repub overreach. Just imagine how frustrated the so-called "moderate" Repubs are, knowing how close they were to almost total Democrat caving only to have the crazies overreach.

Unless Dems go back to the drawing table and demand a realistic budget, what we have we won, even if they get the gov going again.  Just more of the same suffering, sequester and all.

The Republicans already won on the CR — in one graph

Still, the bottom line is that Republicans have been so successful at making Obamacare concessions the issue that Democratic concessions on spending have gone almost unnoticed.


How much progress do you feel Democrats have made?

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6%1 votes
26%4 votes
53%8 votes

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  •  Yes, they win, even when they "lose" (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:

    Obamacare was a massive expansion of the federal government.  But, since then, it's all been a rear-guard action.  Fighting to keep from going Right, not fighting to go Left.  Everything since passage of ACA has either codified Reagan era economic policy, or moved it rightward.  2010, Scott Walker, Spying, the 2012 Tax Deal, the SCOTUS VRA decision, sequester, etc..

    The only reason ACA survived the Supreme Court is because John Roberts knows what the dimmest of Republicans don't,...that the ACA is a boon for the insurance industry.  As of today, we all have to have government mandated insurance coverage,...supplied by insurance companies,...for a profit.

    And, the framing of this shutdown has been so masterful, that we'll all be LUCKY to get a clean CR until Christmas, that locks in the sequester.

    Tell me again, who's winning?

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