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The time to act is now.

The Republicans have caved to the Tea Party faction.  This faction has been  described as a small rogue group of legislators who come from carefully groomed and gerrymandered lilly-white districts where you and the federal government are hated.  These legislators do not look at what is good for the country.  They look at what is good for themselves, their next primary, and their Heritage Foundation job after that.  You have finally learned that there is no negotiating with these people.  They consider you illegitimate.  They want you erased.  They will not cease until you are dead.  Literally!  Dead!  You understand?  Finally understand?

Now is the time to act.  To act bold.

Here is your speech:

"My fellow Americans!

A small group of legislators from tiny, rural, and gerrymandered districts want to hold America hostage, and want to threaten us with continued federal government shutdown and ultimately with a default on the  bonds and Treasury bills of the United States of America.  They want to destroy the bedrock of the world economy, which is the full faith and credit of the United States of America.  

I will not allow them to do this.  I was elected as President of the United States because the people of the United States wanted an end to the war in Iraq, and they wanted healthcare.  They wanted a United States government that worked for the people of the United States.  

I will therefore stand united with the majority of Americans and assure you that I will not negotiate with a gun to the heads of all Americans; that I will not allow a small group of right wing extremists to overthrow the democracy that we are; and that I will stand true and firm for the Constitution of the United States, envisioned and developed by the founding fathers.

Therefore, I will not negotiate with blackmailers or terrorists.  I will - and the Democratic Senate will - accept nothing but a clean bill to fully fund the United States of America government for a year at the level of the budget that I proposed and published, in a total amount of 1.2 trillion dollars.  This takes away sequestration and all the other blackmail demands that have been brought fourth by these reckless right wing extremists that have taken over the Republican Party.

If the blackmailers continue to hold Congress hostage over the next few weeks, I will put the people of America, and the United States Congress, on notice herewith, that beginning October 10, 2013, it will be necessary to initiate a hard shut-down of the federal government.  this means that border patrol, TSA, air traffic control, and many other agencies will completely cease to function, will shut their doors, and will wait until the extremists in Congress come to their senses and realize that they are hurting this nation for their selfish goals.

In addition, I will not accept any limits on the full faith and credit of the United States of America.  That means that any bill, any  law, any legislation that has been passed by the United States Congress and has been signed into law by me, will be fully funded and paid.  Any treasury bills, treasury bonds, and any other obligation of the United States of America will be fully honored and paid by me.

This is in fact the only way the current blackmail situation can be resolved.  The debt ceiling has already been raised when Congress passed bills that created obligations to pay.  I will honor these obligations.  Constitutionally, this is the only way I can obey the law of the land.  The Constitution says clearly and explicitely that the credit of the United States ahll not be questioned.  Any members of Congress that want to destroy the full faith and credit of the United States are acting in an unlawful and unconstitutional manner.

So, my fellow Americans, I not only stand with you, I stand with our system of democracy, our system of majority rule, our system of fairness and American decency, where we accept when the other side has received more votes than we do, and where we work together.  We have great needs in Amierca.  We need a lot mor good paying jobs.  We need everyone signed up for health insurance.  We need the working poor - the people who work every day and all day and still cannot afford health care - to be eligible for Medicaid in every state of America.  And we need a lot of work to be done on American infrastructure - we are talking about roads, bridges, school buildings, civic centers, parks, and peaceful neighborhoods.  

So let's stop focusing on what divides us, and accept what untes us - the United States Constituino, the dreams of the founding fathers, the vision as a nation with an opportunity for all and prejudice against none.  Let's look at all the things that need to be done and roll up our sleeves and work together.  Let's show them that we are patriots who will work together.  Let's put the country back to work.

Thank you and good night."


The president should accept

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  •  This is an opportunity (!) (0+ / 0-)

    At some point, many of the Republicans will be forced to flee their own right flank and retreat from the hard line that led to the government shutdown. That is the point when some of them will agree to just about any funding bill that takes the heat off them. We should allow the Republicans' right flank to drive the more moderate Republicans into the Dems' policy net... with a new funding resolution that scraps the concessions the Dems had already built into the Senate bill.

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