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The Hypocrisy of the Republicans in the Missouri General Assembly

As anyone that has the stomach to watch what happens in the Missouri General Assembly knows,  the Republican run house, with full approval of the Republican led Senate,  proudly voted  against the expansion of Medicaid as a way of showing their disdain for the President and his policies.  

They did so with  great fanfare while wearing smug looks on their faces as their brain-dead, chest thumping teabag constituents, apparently none of whom had the intelligence to understand that they were cheering for an act that in the end would cost themselves and all other Missouri taxpayers millions of extra dollars in health care costs while causing much harm to the poorest amongst them.

And they did so in spite of the fact that Governor Nixon and literally hundreds of health care experts, patients and business leaders and other concerned citizens, were practically down on their knees begging them to accept the federal dollars which would have entirely paid for the first three years of Medicaid expansion.

And they did this knowing full well that by voting against the expansion they were putting hundreds of thousands of their poorest constituents at risk of not being able to obtain medical service other than resorting to going to the less efficient and more costly Emergency room. Many will simply live with their health problems, some will simply die.

Meanwhile many of our neighboring states are gearing up and anticipating the millions of Federal dollars that will be flowing into their states coffers, helping their citizens, creating new jobs in the health field and shearing up their economies.

It’s painful to watch the clown show in Jefferson these days and with the even bigger clown circus going on in Congress right now I haven't kept up with the local crap lately but decided today to check and see what I sadly call “my” reps here in Missouri had been up to and came across a resolution, HCR 17, filed jointly by the so called representative of my district along with several other imposters posing as leaders in this state.  

The entire resolution can be read here.

But if you want to skip all the whereas’s and therefores’ here’s the short and sweet of it.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the members of the House of Representatives of the Ninety-seventh General Assembly, First Regular Session, the Senate concurring therein, hereby urge the federal government to continue to reimburse states for a portion of the state's Medicaid DSH expenditures based on each state's federal medical assistance percentage for those states that have chosen not to implement the Medicaid expansion.
I wish I could tell you that I was shocked or even mildly surprised but nothing these asshats do surprises me anymore. And I wish I could say that my district senator wasn't as bad but in fact he is far worse, a man with serious mental problems in my opinion, a teabagger's wet dream. To get an idea of his mindset consider the fact that he is right now, in his latest fundraising effort, offering an AR-15, a version of the
same rifle that was used in the shooting at Aurora and Sandy Hook
, to his more generous contributors.

Those haters with enough money to donate to his fundraiser can pick from several sponsorship categories. Give $750 and you earn the title of sharpshooter, give a little more, $1000, and you can call yourself a marksman, but if you prefer to go all out and give $1500 you can proudly claim the honor of being a sniper level sponsor.  

The idiocy and hypocrisy of these assholes is slowing burning a hole in my brain.  I don’t know what else to say. I could write a book on the insanity of these assholes but that's it for today, nothing below the fold, just needed to vent.

I hope that this post does not offend any of my fellow Missourians and I apologize if it does.  I know that some of you  are understandably a bit sensitive on the subject of Missouri politics and I get that. It sucks that we are often lumped in with the same ignorant people that voted those fools into office which of course is as far from the truth as you can get. I hesitated publishing this diary because of that very reason and I would hope that anyone commenting will stop and think a second before doing so. I have no wish to get into a pissing contest or anything like that. My thoughts in this diary refer only to our teabag run legislature and their sheep. I love this state but I know we can do better. And I know that all of you here want them out of office as badly as I do. Thanks for listening.

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