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Hello Kossacks!
Been away. Far, far away. And now that I'm back, I need to address the recurring issue of the scourge of Minnesota that is Guano Girl: Batshit Insane Michele Bachmann.
And I have a question. Please follow me below the orange thingy (not to be confused with Terrorist Agent Orange Boner™) for more.

So, Dear Ones:
We all know that the GOP is guilty of the most egregious projection (and of course, hyperbole) ever in the entire written and unwritten history of the known universe, and all those that are unknown (and known unknowns, and known knowns, and unknown knowns, and...where the hell was I? OH yes. didja catch the snark in that statement?? didja? huh??) yes, they are wrong/they lie. About everything. And it's demonstrable.

The GOP steals elections and commits massive election fraud; they falsely accuse Dems of voter fraud and stealing elections. 'Cos they're all butthurt over 2012. And 2008.
They say the most vicious and evil and slanderous and racist and hateful things about others, and cry "name caller!" when anyone calls them out on their filth.
The GOP Teahadists engineer a government shutdown 2 years or more in the planning, causing all KINDS of hardship for all KINDS of people, particularly our troops and veterans, and then accuse #POTUS/Dems of disrespecting our troops by shutting down a particular memorial or that (which, of course, the GOP actually shutdown themselves).

You know the history. I could go on all day/week/month/year with example after example of how the GOP gets shit 180 degrees WRONG, time and time and time and time and time again. The attempts to rewrite history. The self-created bubble in which they live. The projection of "divisiveness" onto our President, when what's really happening is that all the racist haters and bigots and assholes who lived under the radar have now come crawling out of the slime to have a bright light shone on their hatred and racism...sigh

SO here's the question I just HAVE to ask: since this is a GOP shutdown, planned in advance, and celebrated when it happened, by none other than Michele Bachmann (Batshit-MN), who was "excited" about it and said they got "exactly what we wanted" and who "couldn't be happier" about it...and at the same time they're trying to claim it's Obama's fault that it happened...does that mean that Michele Bachmann has a new hero in the President of the United States, Barack Obama, for granting this fond wish??

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