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Any fool can see now that the United States government has reached the end of its rope. Again! President Obama says there is no Constitutional remedy, nor will he even test the constitutional strength of the Fourteenth Amendment to circumvent the impending economic catastrophe. Woe is We the People!

If the President is correct and there is nothing he can do to protect the nation from a political insurgency determined to derail the world's economic balance, then "We the People" (of sound mind) will have to find a way to stop the madness ourselves. It is beyond ludicrous to continue negotiating with those who are either corrupt, crazy or both. These craven crazies have to be stopped and stopped for good this time.

To simply paper over this crisis with another temporary Continuing Resolution is beyond stupid. No more grand bargains, no more super committees and no more asinine  sequestration proposals until an agreement can be reached to take government shutdowns or threats to collapse the global economy off the table once and for all. Nothing should be able to threaten the continuous functioning the Unites States government or undermine the world's go to currency, but an act of war or an act of God. Never an act of Congress.

To think the United States can survive much longer being controlled by a sick minority with no regard for the Democratic process is insane. What is happening in America now, jeopardizes the very foundation of Democracy. This fight can not be fought again.

We've all read the daily accounts of a neighbor, a relative, a coworker or a friend that starts exhibiting odd, reckless and dangerous behavior. Many times, they begin by making unreasonable demands and outrageous threats. If said demands are not met, they begin to act out. And more often than not, resulting in horrible consequences. Since the severely delusional have already convince themselves they are doing the right thing, time is of the essence.

Sure, some of us will make note of the strange behavior and gossip with others behind the odd ball's back. Some of us might even try to warn others. But for the most part, the person or persons acting crazy and irresponsible will be ignored or tolerated until they start doing things that can't be ignored or tolerated anymore. Hence, the alarm is being sounded as we are witnessing such over the top behavior in the United States Congress.

In order to move forward, there are few options left to reestablish sanity to the American political process. Without Amending the Constitution to provide a foolproof fail safe option to restrain the mad, the nation is only placing these maniacs in a padded room without locking the door.

Short of an act of Congress, this Congressional insurgency can only be stopped by a unified drive to defund the extremist. Democrats and the few rational supporters of the GOP will have to mount very public campaign to deny rogue elements of any further donations or campaign funding. To continue to fund these raving radicals who follow no rules is to become a codependent to their political psychosis. Since money is the life's blood of any political professional, defunding is the surest way to breaking them.

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