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We face a mutated GOP.  Ted Cruz is the leader of the dominant faction in this amalgam of what I call totalitarian Christians (their interpretation of the Bible supersedes the US Constitution), racist white Southerners (whose DNA contains the slavery gene), Ayn Rand dystopian ideologues (as dangerous a Marxists, I dabbled there 20 years ago) and plutocrats.

I didn't know about Ted Cruz's totalitarian Christian dimension until I was alerted by the Military Religious Freedom Foundation today;

The complete speech can be found at the Christian Broadcasting Network here.

The MRFF constituency is over 90% traditional Christians in the military who are not deemed Christian enough by these Dominionists who have deeply penetrated our military.

I believe that Ted Cruz's intransigence in the shutdown and the upcoming debt ceiling confrontation do want the economic collapse that would ensue because it will set the stage for a military coup.

The talk of a coup is out there as highlighted by Kossack Mark E Andersen in his recent diary ( I was swiftboated tonight...) and by this pastor;

Christian TV host asks God for ‘military takeover’ of Obama’s presidency

Pentagon Leaders Met with Collaborator of Preacher who Proposed 'Military Takeover' of the Government

Republican-Linked Religious Right Leader Calls For "Military Takeover"

Ted Cruz may be evil but he is smart.  Let's not underestimate his plan to take us to a The Handsmaid's Tale world.

I hope Obama and the Democratic party invoke the 14th Amendment bypass or some other tactic on the debt ceiling to short circuit this monster's strategy.

I guess we are down to the IQ of two Harvard Law grads, one that has a reputation for 11 dimension chess and the other who has chosen a zero-sum game.

Update: Ted Cruz is an fruit from the same tree;

Ted Cruz’s dad rips RINOs, Obamacare

Ted Cruz father photo tedcruzfather_zps53b55dd3.jpg

A disturbing look at the theological roots of Senator Ted Cruz: Christian Dominionism

On the eve of our government shutdown, I wanted to do some research into the theological roots of Senator Ted Cruz, the standard-bearer of the Tea Party Republicans behind the shutdown. I'm interested in understanding what account of Christianity creates the "no compromise" crusade that the Tea Party has become known for. It turns out that Ted's father, Rafael Cruz, is a pastor with Texas charismatic ministry Purifying Fire International who has been campaigning against Obamacare the last several months. He has a distinct theological vision for what America is supposed to look like: Christian dominionism.

I expect to be banned from YouTube once more as soon as the CBN people find out I YouTubed their video.  I didn't have to do this but it makes the diary look better and makes their legal department sweat a bit.  Last time I was banned from YouTube was when I published the Christian Embassy Video.  The Campus Crusade for Christ took only two days to ban me, I had one of the few (if any other existed) copies so I published it in YouTube.

So spread the video around if you can to make them work harder.  

Originally posted to Shockwave on Mon Oct 07, 2013 at 01:11 PM PDT.

Also republished by Street Prophets .

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