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The following buzzfeed post should be read in its entirety, for two purposes:

1. It covers extremely well the very-likely-top-17 misused words and phrases in verbal American English.

2. The .gifs are hilarious.

Link above is also meant to give credit for the following excerpts, for those who won't/can't click above, or who are on such slow connections that .gifs won't load well.

Most of these are verbal mishaps...although you will occasionally see them in print as well. Avoid these at all costs! Nothing like killing the momentum of a winning political argument by using one of the following terms or phrases and coming off as uneduMAcated!

17 Misused And Made Up Words That Make You Rage

Language is flustrating sometimes. posted on October 7, 2013 at 11:13am EDT
Adam Ellis, BuzzFeed Fellow

1.IRREGARDLESS Mayhaps you meant regardless? Irregardless isn’t a word, as fun as it is to say.

2.SUPPOSABLY It rolls off the tongue so nicely, but it’s also not a word. Supposedly is, though!

3.FLUSTRATED Are you flustered or are you frustrated? You definitely aren’t flustrated because that’s not a real thing.

4.CONVERSATE This is a back-formation from conversation. It’s sort of a thing, but mostly it just leads to arguments. Why argue when you can converse peacefully?

5.THAT'S SO RANDOM Random doesn’t mean weird or goofy. It means “without definite aim, direction, rule, or method.” Your outfit is not ~So RaNDoM LoL~.

6.SHERBERT It’s sherbet. And it’s gross.

7.I COULD CARE LESS…So that means you do care a little bit? Perhaps you mean you couldn’t care less?

8.FOR ALL 'INTENSIVE' PURPOSES Intents. And. Purposes.

9.ANNOUNCIATE Please enunciate when you make up words. Or even annunciate. Certainly don’t announciate.

10.FOILAGE It’s foliage. FO-LEE-IDGE.

11.EXPRESSO There’s no X in espresso, son. See also 'I want to AXE you a question.'

12.I'M NASEOUS Nauseous means to cause nausea. If you’re sick, you’re nauseated.


14.MISUNDERESTIMATE Misestimate or underestimate. You can’t have both. Don’t be greedy. Misunderestimate is a charming Bushism that should be left in the past.

15.VICE-A VERSA It’s a proven fact that everyone has an aunt who says this on a daily basis. The correct phrase is simply vice versa.

16.WHOLE NOTHER Nother is nonstandard. Just say another or whole other.

17. ME-ME It’s meme, like scream. As in, say “me-me” out loud and watch your coworkers scream.

Originally posted to GoGoGoEverton's Blog on Mon Oct 07, 2013 at 01:15 PM PDT.

Also republished by Political Language and Messaging.

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