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So... Sukkos was pretty nice.  Got the sukkah tricked out (see above), had the parents in for first night dinner, generally pretty chill week.  One night Mum and I even sat out there talking until after midnight.  That was cool.  There have been 2 more additions to the cat collection, ColCatLady has officially passed his indoor dozen. headdesk

More news after the dooblydoo.

Yeah, I'm not loving the extra cats, nor is Nigel.  He's got the largest territory of any of them in here with me - no other cats allowed - including a special hiding place where he can watch everything and not be seen - but he's licking his fur out from stress.  I've put him back on his food from home thinking it was an allergy - I think it's just stress.  But it upsets me to see him hopping around with bald legs and tummy.

I spend some time on the Book of Face and the Teabagger anti ACA people are making me want to stab someone in the head. Repeatedly.  The number of sheer lies - and I know right where they come from because I hear that shit all day every day in the other room at 9000 volume - and my parents believe every word of it.

They believe that the ACA is nothing but bad, despite me showing them how I would be able to afford insurance here in January with only my allowance.  As in literally sitting down and pulling up the info, taking into account there is no Medicaid expansion here and showing them I can afford a gold plan in Louisiana and still get cat food for Nigel.  And that in Oregon I will be immediately put into the Medicaid system.  They just don't believe it's possible even seeing it themselves.

All they worry about is "what will it change for us?" and since ColCatLady is a vet and they are both on Medicare - nothing changes for them at all.  But they don't believe that either.  Because so and so on POX said so and this person on Mum's friendslist posted this thing about how it will cost $900gazillion up front for a bronze obamacare plan  no one will accept - they looked it up! stabbity stab

They just believe whatever they are told - and if you show them different, they think it's a trick.

ColCatLady's alcohol issue is bad enough it shows in his bloodwork now - he got a talking to by his doctor - it has made NO difference for the better at all.  So I guess he's decided to pickle himself to death and we just have to live with it.  Any time Mum mentions it, he drinks more as if to speed it up.  At 69 years old he looks 85, forgets things, is belligerent and threatens violence to the rest of us - and collects cats.  There are 6 new ones outside.  He lives for POX, beer and cats.  We don't rate in terms of his attention at all.

I'm not the slightest concerned about the violence threats, I could knock him over without meaning to should he try to make good on them.  His balance is shot, his speed is gone - and I take taekwondo.  He's not hitting anyone around here.

Mum quit Weight Watchers again, so it's just me trying to do the best I can alone.  But we are walking at least 4 days a week now, and I have my class and exercise on my own during the week, so I feel like I'm making progress.  I have a belt test this semester so that's nice.  

I've improved quite a bit and keep going - other than breathing breaks, being asthmatic sucks - the only frustration I had was this week I discovered that while I've been working on endurance I can't actually do a proper push up at this weight.  My arms and shoulders simply can't leverage 280lbs on my toes.  On my knees - yes.  And I did my 20 push ups that way, taking only slightly longer than everyone else.  But being the only person in the class who can't do regular push ups was pretty humiliating.  I'm glad the kids class is first and they all leave immediately after.

The meds help, but they are not completely controlling all my symptoms - we will probably be jacking them up again in the next couple months.  They are more under control over all, but there are still delusions and paranoia to deal with despite having adjusted them twice so far.  And the plant that talks to be in the bathroom.  But hey, everyone needs friends, right?

I have a medical test tomorrow morning that I'm not looking forward to - but apparently it's one of those over 40 things.  I suppose squishing bits is better than poking in bits, but not by much.

I've also decided to speak to my lawyer about the possibility of getting my semi-marriage dissolved.  It's not likely that some amazing Jewish woman will be foolish enough to find me attractive and marriage material, but I would like to be actually legally single just in case.  So that's on the agenda for the coming week as well.  We are still waiting for a date to be set for my Disability appeal - and really my going back to Oregon is going to be related to that.  While I would like to go home in January (a freaking YEAR here!!!) until that is resolved I need to stay local.  So who knows what will happen since the shutdown (shitdown? I keep typing shitdown) has ground appeals to a shrieking halt.  Thanks Oompah Loompah.

I knew there was a reason I was scared of those fuckers as a kid.

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