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No hyperbole.   He has made no denial that he is a tea party lap dog but this new
stunt is beyond his other criminal behavior.   The HP carried a piece and it is blasting all over the local news down here.. Hey, he wants to punish Florida for going is now personal for we liberals here.  

This from the Tampa paper.

It may not last: Miami-Dade County alone is losing $31 million in personal income per week, a number that reaches $46 million across South Florida, according to a county economist's report cited by The Miami Herald.

Though it is expected local federal employees will eventually receive backpay, there's no telling how long the shutdown may last: no specific determination on how to end it was reached Thursday night when President Obama met with 20 House Republicans.

Meanwhile, Florida Governor Rick Scott (R) has forbidden the use of state funds to keep federal programs run by the state afloat, according to a memo obtained by the Times/Herald Bureau. Some of the programs facing closure serve foster children, veterans, and schools:

Never mind that this asshole has returned Federal Funds BEFORE the shutdown.
The article further revealed
Scott's Chief of Staff Adam] Hollingsworth did not address what might happen to a handful of federal programs administered by the state that are expected to run out of money in the next four to seven days. Federal assistance programs that serve foster children, veterans programs and small to medium-sized school districts are all expected to be short of cash beginning Oct. 14, state documents show.
In addition, two state agencies that manage federal programs are in jeopardy of losing funding. Records show that 274 employees at the Department of Military Affairs are being furloughed and that the Florida Department of State next week will run out of money to pay the rent on some of its buildings.

The Department of Juvenile Justice had planned to use cash in its trust funds to make payments for its adoption and foster care programs, but Hollingsworth's directive appears to prevent it.

With my last ounce of courage and God as my witness, if I have to use a megaphone and go door to door... I will try and run this monster out of office,  This man is evil and politically he must be destroyed.

We need a STRONG grassroots movement concentrated heavily on Florida to take this bully down.  Some cannot afford to leave and will die trying to hang on.  He is Cruz on steroids.

This from the Times is even worse !!!!

Governors in other states have decided to use their state funds to provide temporary assistance to poor women and children who benefit from federal assistance programs such as TANF and SNAP.
Hollingsworth’s two-page memo said that “no accounting measures” or budget actions could be taken “to temporarily support unavailable federal funds through the use of state funds.”

Originally posted to Vetwife on Fri Oct 11, 2013 at 09:42 PM PDT.

Also republished by DKos Florida and "Progressive Politics:Tennessee Style" (PPTS).

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