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Like father, like son.  I think Ted Cruz's Dominionist ties need to be exposed more broadly.  You can help.  Facebook, twitter are the tools.

This article, written by Chris Hedges and submitted by Mike Spindell, is posted on Jonathan Turley's blog.

This article really helps us understand what forms Ted Cruz's world view.  Emphasis mine.

Ted Cruz, Dominionism and Jesus

“U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz — whose father is Rafael Cruz, a rabid right-wing Christian preacher and the director of the Purifying Fire International ministry— and legions of the senator’s wealthy supporters, some of whom orchestrated the shutdown, are rooted in a radical Christian ideology known as Dominionism or Christian Reconstructionism.

This ideology calls on anointed “Christian” leaders to take over the state and make the goals and laws of the nation “biblical.”

It seeks to reduce government to organizing little more than defense, internal security and the protection of property rights.

It fuses with the Christian religion the iconography and language of American imperialism and nationalism, along with the cruelest aspects of corporate capitalism.

It also fuses with the Koch Cabal's Libertarian dreams, The Family exposed by Jeff Sharlett, and the beliefs of the John Birch Society.

Here's is Ted's father speaking about his annointed son.

Raphael says, in this video, of his speech given to The Family Leadership summit in Iowa, that he was imprisoned and tortured by the Fidel Castro, regime (who Raphael equates with Obama) before fleeing Cuba.

Dominionism in Action:  Ted Cruz and Rand Paul getting Blessings

A disturbing look at the theological roots of Senator Ted Cruz: Christian Dominionism

Sarah Palin gets a blessing from Rev Muthee (he and his followers condemn children in Africa as witches and they are beaten and banished/abandoned by their family and village).

Dominionists want to transform America.  Muthee covers this before he blesses Sarah Palin and protect her from witchcraft.

Ted Cruz's interactive Muckety Map link

Ted Cruz

Ted married well.  His wife, Heidi, is a member of the Council of Foreign Relations and a Managing Director for Goldman Sachs.  Ted and Heidi met while both working for George W Bush.  This article provides Cruz's GOP bona fides.

Take a look at this mission statement copied directly from the Koch Cabal's go to place to funnel their $Millions to right wing organizations, 2009 Donors Trust 990.  Caps are theirs, emphasis is mine.

This is what the GOP has been working towards for 80 years and fits perfectly with the Dominionist view of governance.



The minute FDR signed The New Deal into law, the right wing got very organized and has been working for 80 years now to undo The New Deal.

What the uber wealthy really want is unfettered wealth pursuit with no legally imposed social justice for the rest which is cloaked in The Flag, Christianity (their version), Lower Taxes for All, and Liberty (again, their version).

For a tedious, yet illuminating, rife with links, Exposé, read

Exposé - 80 Years of Planning: The Kochs + The Family + Birchers = TEA PARTY Disinformation Machine

Ted Cruz is following in his father's footsteps in the same manner the Koch Brothers are following in their father's and grandfather's footsteps (<-- an interesting read).  

Much of the Koch brothers’ ideology can be found in Harry Koch’s newspaper editorials of nearly a century ago. Take, for instance, the Kochs’ current fight against Social Security. Harry Koch took part in a multi-year right-wing propaganda campaign to shoot down New Deal programs. Grandfather and grandsons employ eerily familiar talking points to bash government pension and welfare programs.
The path Cruz, the Tea Party, Republicans, and the Koch Cabal embrace, if they succeed, will be the end of America as we know it.

It Can Happen Here, a great read although not that well written by Sinclair Lewis.

Also read:  Chris Hedges: The Idiots Who Rule America

I am re-reading Vonnegut's God Bless You Mr. Rosewater because I am spending so much time hanging out in Non-Profit, Charitable Foundation land.  The book is about Charitable Foundations.  Well, how people behave within foundations.  It's hauntingly hysterical reading.  Haunting because the humor is all too true.

I don't suppose Mr. Vonnegut thought very highly of Charitable Foundations, and I am learning why, not that many don't do lots of good things.

Some noteable quotes:

Senator Rosewater, Elliot's Father:  I've spent my life demanding that people blame themselves for their misfortunes." (page 62)

Elliot, the Senator's crazy son:  "I think  it's a heartless government that will let one baby be born owning a big  piece of the country, the way I was born, and let another baby be born without owning anything." (page 102)

Elliot was deemed crazy because he was a progressive that cared "for the least of these" insteas of being a sink-or-swim Libertarian or Republican.

One more quote from Elliot's father that sounds like the Koch Cabal mission statement below:

Senator Rosewater:  I see two alternatives before us.  We can write morals into law, and enforce those morals harshly, or we can return to a true Free Enterprise System, which has the sink-or-swim justice of Caesar Augustus built into it.  

I emphatically favor the later alternative.  We must be hard, for we must become again a nation of swimmers, with the sinkers quietly disposing of themselves. (page 208)

Aren't we, in fact, seeing the Republican trying to accomplish both altern


For those who would like to find out how the Koch Cabal is working in your state, I highly recommend learning how to search the Koch Cabal tax returns.  Instructions here.

Koch Cabal Can't Hide - Searchable IRS Forms Online! w/Instructions  

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