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The Real Story Behind The Debt Ceiling Stand-Off
Sorry folks, this is a transcript of me speaking and it reads like shit. This is partly because I am going for a more pedestrian appeal in the video. I also wanted to get these ideas in circulation soon, as the hour of our debt ceiling draws near.The transcript is included for clarity and also includes a transcript of the entire Fox News segment titled "Growing support for fed govt to sell assets to pay down debt." Only Part of this segment was used in the video for the sake of brevity.

It's October 13th, 2013, my name is R.Crosby Lyles and this is "News from the can."

The New York Times just published an article, "Tax Filings Hint At Koch Brothers' Reach"  

This is by Nicholas Confessore (spelled out)

There has been a lot of talk about this...lately... um

and I am here to tell you that the fight over Obama Care

this push for default, shut down of the government, fight over Obama care

has nothing to do with health care reform and everything to do with

the acquisition of federal lands by the Koch brothers.

That's what this is all about and it's not about anything else.

I mean... there are some larger issues.

Basically in a nutshell this is end-game, this political end-game.

The push for default is about sticking a dagger into the heart of the federal

government. ya know...Once we have gone past the precipice of default, then interest

rates go up and all these crazy things happen that basically push the federal

government towards bankruptcy. And, once the federal government is bankrupt, then

they(the government) don't have any money to do any sort of policing. That(this)

basically gets rid  of the arch enemies(regulatory agencies)of the Koch brothers...

They own Georgia Pacific. They own another company called Invista which is the

largest chemical fiber company(manufacturer) in the world.  And, they are also into

energy and all these other things(energy related businesses.) So their business

interests are at odds with the regulatory agencies of the federal government, and

they(the Koch brothers) would like nothing better than to get rid of them(the federal

agencies.) And, if you listen to people like Michele Bachmann...I mean the Tea Party

people (have) come right out and said (that)(they) want to get rid of the EPA, (they)

 want to get rid of OSHA, you know... they want to get rid of the federal government.-

Aw(because) there is just too much regulation...  

The concept of a grassroots TeaParty is a misnomer because the Tea Party is a

wholly owned subsidiary of Koch Enterprises. That's what this article in the New York

Times basically said. We've also heard the Tea Party float this other idea and actually

it's been floated on Fox News and that is the idea of selling government assets to pay

for the national debt. Watch this:

Video clip of titled"Growing support for fed govt to sell assets to pay down debt" from
"Happening Now" with Jon Scott and Jenna Lee.( This is a transcript of the whole piece. I only used Parts of this in the video for the sake of brevity.)

[Jon Scott: "There is growing support for the federal government to sell off billions of

dollars worth of its property to pay down our ballooning national debt. Unused

buildings, land, and, other assets could fetch billions perhaps even trillions on the open

market. What do you think of that idea? William La Jeunesse live in Los Angelese with

more on this..."

William La Jeunesse:"Well Jon why not have a massive Garage sale? That's what families

do when they need money. In fact the Tax Foundation called selling unused assets and

empty buildings one of the least worst options for raising cash...(edited by me for

brevity)...From state owned businesses like Amtrack to vacant buildings like these in

California, is it time for the federal government to sell what it doesn't need?"

Myron Bell, Competitive Enterprise INS: "So, instead of raising taxes, which takes

money out of the economy, and lowers economic activity, we aught to be looking at

selling federal assets...

William La Jeunesse:"...Like the empty V.A. hospital in Los Angeles fpr five Billion or

parts of this waterfront former military base in San Fransisco. In both cases politicians

said no."

Lurita Doan, former GSA Administrator:" A congressman is representing his district, a

Senator is or her state and so they want to make sure that they are taken care of and

sometimes that may get in the way of what's best for the nation."

William La Jeunesse:"The federal government is also America's biggest landlord. Selling

just 20% of it's  empty or under performing buildings would save two billion dollars."

Lurita Doan:"You go through your garage, you clear it out, and the government is no

different. The scale is what we're's just a matter of scale."

William La Jeunesse:" The feds also refuse to sell valuable public land adjacent to fast

growing cities. And, let mining take billions in gold and silver for free without charging

royalties like we do for oil and natural gas. Selling Amtrack could net 60 billion.  Two

taxpayer owned utilities, the Tennessee valley authority and Bonneville Power would

bring in even more. A commission could oversee the sale to overcome partisan


Myron Bell, Competitive Enterprise INS:"The commission could look at all of the federal

assets, decide which were the most valuable, which could be sold with the least loss to

the common good.

William La Jeunesse:"Now, the federal government already owns about 28% of all the

land in the U.S.,about 500 billion in mineral rights that we give away. We have trillions

in oil reserves Jon that we refuse to pump. So, Yes a yard sale could help to bring

down the national debt but re-use, recycle, re-sell are not words you often hear on

capital hill."

Jon Scott:"Yea, that doesn't seem to happen very often. William La Jeunesse in Los

Angeles for us. Thank You."  ]

Okay, now here is the deal...Koch industries is the second largest privately held

corporation in the United states. That means they are not publicly traded. They have

themselves positioned so that they can weather these storms that they create. If they

are properly positioned in terms of T-Bills that they have, in other words, if they own

enough federal debt, (and)if they push the federal government towards default, when

the government goes into default, they can demand payment. And, they can call the

terms on how they get payed back. And, they can basically wheel

and deal to get these assets that they want. Which, is probably federal land that

has...(resources that they want underneath) whether it's gold, or the trees/the lumber, name it.

Now here (are) a couple of ideas. By 2020 the United states is going to be the top

producer of oil in the world. we've got more natural gas than you can possibly imagine,

trillions and trillions of cubic feet of natural gas, all under our feet. And, it's all under

the contiguous 48 United States. It ain't out in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico.

Although we've got pleanty of...(oil) out there and we've got plenty of oil in Alaska. I'm

talking about right under your feet, right now. Under the 48 contiguous united states

there is more oil than two Saudi Arabias. We've got more oil than OPEC right under your

feet, right now. But, You've got to use fracking to get it.

And, You've got to do all these different things(to process that oil.) Right?

The other thing too is if you want to get at that oil, it might also be helpful to drive

down the price of real estate. That's what all of these things(deregulation) do.

Everything(deregulation) from the bush administration to now...actually

everything(deregulation) since the Reagan  Administration. But it(deregulation) got

more hot and heavy since the Bush administration. (Note: is this some terrible english, or what?)

And, we see this latest push...this drive towards default is driven by the Koch Brothers.

And, like I said...the objective is to thrust a knife into the heart of the federal

government. Because, realize also that the federal government is the engine of

prosperity for most of us. If...the wealth was not redistributed by the federal

government just simply doing things like repairing the infrastructure. if we didn't have

that(apparatus of redistribution) then the United  States would basically become like a

third world country. We would become like and are turning into a banana republic and

that is what they want. Where they run things. The federal government

doesn't run anything any more, they( the Koch Brothers) run it. They become the

emperors. The Koch Brothers become the emperors of the United States. They can buy

and sell human life. That's the objective and it ain't about anything...(else).

They don't give a rats ass about Obama Care. Why would they? they Hired Edwin

Meese to run this operation that they have going to push the government towards

default. And, Edwin Meese is a Ronald Reagan Fellow of the Heritage Foundation. Why

would Edwin Meese, a Ronald Reagan Fellow of The heritage Foundation want to defeat

Obama Care when Obama Care was developed by the Heritage

Foundation? Why would they want to defeat their own idea? Why would they, you

know, defeat their own plan? It doesn't make any sense until you realise that they

really just don't give a rats ass about health care or you...-Chuckle-

It's about cheap labor, having pleanty of hands to go out there and work those

oilfields. It's about driving down the cost of labor, driving down the cost of real estate.

It's about acquiring federal lands so that they can drill saw the

piece where they make a big deal out of...(the fact that) these(particular) companies

are able to mine gold on federal lands and they don't have to pay any royalties for it. It

sounds to me like somebody wants to get paid royalties for that. They want to go in

and buy those lands and then say, hey guys guess what? now you gotta pay us a

royalty. So...listen, the plot is thick. It's thick. And, that's all I got.

My name is R. Crosby Lyles. Thanks for watching. See Ya.

Slide text: "News from the can" written and produced by R.Crosby Lyles.
Slide text:"Transcript available at
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Slide text:"thanks for watching"

Wed Oct 16, 2013 at  1:37 PM PT: This is Jason Easley with comments from Bernie Sanders at Politicus on this topic:

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